Celebrating The Non-Scale Victories.

Celebrating The Non-Scale Victories.

It’s been about a year since the last time I willingly & voluntarily weighed myself (save for medical visits with my treatment team).

Although I’ve been tempted to do it many times (I won’t lie), I consistently & successfully pushed myself to resist the urge. I know I won’t be able to do it just once & if I step on that scale, I hand the power & control over my body & how I measure my worth to a battery-powered device. Weighing myself means I fall victim to a very vicious cycle where feeding my body depends on a number on a digital screen.

Been there. Done that.

This past year, WITHOUT MY SCALE was one of the most liberating & freeing of my life. It taught me to find & define my worth in things that actually hold meaning & truth. Things that don’t fluctuate with hormones, water retention, bloat, different foods, exercise & my sleep cycle.

This year is defined by my NON-SCALE VICTORIES & I’ve been happier, healthier & felt better than the number on the scale ever made me feel. I have control over my life & what goes into my body & I don’t intend to ever give those things up again.

Some of this year’s non-scale victories:

  • Seeking help to recover from my eating disoder.
  • Letting go of the comfort that any & all scales once provided me with & not letting them determine my worth.
  • Accepting that my old clothes no longer fit & that that doesn’t mean my body isn’t worthy.
  • Recognizing that divorce doesn’t make me an inadequate wife & that it was a necessary step in getting me where I am today.
  • Pursuing my passion in health, wellness, nutrition & fitness, even if it’s not what I studied to do initially, in hopes that sharing my story & continually educating myself can inspire you to live your best possible life. 
  • Overcoming my gym anxiety, finding passion in fitness & making it part of my lifestyle. 
  • Recovering from my anorexia, finding ways to make my anxiety manageable so it doesn’t hinder my daily life & coming to terms with the loss of my mom.

These victories are worth a lot more than a number.

What are some of your non-scale victories? 


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