Why Being Comfy In Your Workout Clothes Can Change Your Workout For The Better (& My Go-To’s!)

Why Being Comfy In Your Workout Clothes Can Change Your Workout For The Better (& My Go-To’s!)

I don’t know about you guys but feeling comfortable & confident in my workout clothes makes my workout even more effective & efficient! Being comfy & feeling good in what I’m wearing means that I’m able to fully focus on my workout as opposed to being distracted or bothered by clothes that are too tight or loose or not supportive.

My workout tip of the day is to WEAR WHAT YOU FEEL COMFY & GOOD IN TO WORK OUT. Don’t just dress for the gym to fit the part or to impress anyone. Dress to fit YOUR PART & TO IMPRESS YOURSELF WITH YOUR PERFORMANCE. If that means wearing shorts, loose sweats, leggings, tees, sports bras, tight tanks, whatever it means, WEAR IT & ROCK IT.

For me, some days, comfy means leggings, a sports bra & fitted tank. Other days, it means a looser sports bra & a slinky tank & sometimes, it means a fitted hoodie or long sleeve! But one thing is for certain, it always means something I feel GREAT in, whether it’s a good body image day or a less great one!

Here are a few reasons why being comfortable in your workout clothes can change your workout for the better:

  • Feeling good in your workout clothes boosts confidence not only in yourself but in your ability to kill your workout!

If you believe the clothing you’re wearing is going to help you perform better, it actually will! And this holds true for anything in life. When you believe in something very strongly, you end up living & breathing it! It’s psychological, but trust me, it’s true!

Think about it: If you get to the gym in an outfit that you don’t feel good in, that’s riding or falling in all the wrong places, it’s hard to believe you’ll go into your workout with the perspective that those clothes will help you perform better. But, if you go into your workout in clothes you feel great in & that you feel ready & able to tackle your sweat sesh in, odds are you’ll begin to believe it & you’ll KILL IT! In fact, research has actually shown that clothing influences behaviour & attitude because it carries a symbolic meaning. What we wear subconsciously change the way we act & triggers mental changes that positively affect performance & confidence levels.

This phenomenon is called enclothed cognition & basically entails that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you feel more confident, which in turn, helps boost performance.

  • What you wear not only affects your performance from a psychological perspective, but also from a physical one!

The right workout clothes & shoes for the workout you’re about to tackle have the power to help you get the most out of your workout, for example: if you’re going to be doing a workout that entails a variation of exercises, some of which include impact & jumping (squats, lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, etc.), you’ll want to go for a pair of shoes that has a a lot of support, good grip, the ability to absorb shock & add stability & most certainly not a shoe that you don’t feel secure in & that doesn’t lock your foot in. If you’re constantly having to worry about your feet slipping out, trust me, your performance won’t be A

And BTW, it’s not only about performance. What you wear & the right workout gear also prevents injuries & protects you!

  • Wearing clothing actually designed for exercise & that you feel comfy in means you won’t feel restricted.

Exercising in total comfort helps you solely concentrate on the task at hand: getting through your workout to the best of your ability! If you’re constantly having to adjust your clothing because it’s not giving you full range of motion, you can be sure you’ll be distracted & some of your focus will be diverted from the workout to checking yourself out in the mirror & making sure everything is in place.


Here are some of my fave workout brands:

  • Lululemon Aligns & Wunder Unders are my go-to leggings! The Wunder Unders are definitely more compressed than the Aligns & they do a great job at holding everything in! The Aligns are more lightweight & breathable & literally feel like a second skin! I still find that they do a great job at holding everything in & I absolutely LOVE how high-waisted they are!
    • Other brands of leggings I love are: Koral, Alo, Monreal, DYI, All Fenix, Aurum, Forever21 (sometimes!), Phat Buddha, Old Navy (sometimes) & Aritzia (specifically, the Atmosphere pant!).
  • My fave sports bras are by Lululemon, New Balance, Nike, Koral, Monreal, Puma, Forever 21 & Adidas. I also love wearing cropped tops by Aritzia & Brandy Melville over shorter workout tops to add some support.
  • My fave shoe brands are New Balance & Adidas (I freaking LOVE NMDs & Boosts & also obsessed with new 24/7TR), but I also adore my white Nike Huaraches!



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  • thanks for the suggestions. I am always looking for good leggings. i don’t mind spending money on quality because I hate pilling and pulling when you get bad ones.

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