My 3 Tips To Stay On Track This Holiday Weekend!

My 3 Tips To Stay On Track This Holiday Weekend!

Hey babes!


First things first, I want to wish you all an amazing holiday weekend, whether you’re celebrating Passover or Easter!

I know a lot of people get anxious around the holidays because they’re afraid to fall off track with their healthy habits. For some, falling off track can spiral into a vicious cycle where it becomes that much more difficult to get back into routine. That’s where I come in! The holidays don’t have to give you anxiety. They don’t have to be a time where you worry about losing your “mojo” when it comes to your healthy lifestyle. They don’t have to be a time where all you’re preoccupied & distracted with is what’s going into your body (or rather what isn’t).

The holidays should be FUN, ENJOYABLE, WORRY-FREE & A TIME FOR YOU TO ENJOY YOUR TIMES WITH YOUR LOVED ONES & CREATE MEMORIES! Food shouldn’t be your main preoccupation. You should be able to dissociate yourself from your stringent routine (at least a little bit) & do things a little differently, step out of your comfort zone, have fun & know that when the holidays are over, you’ll have the discipline, consistency & most importantly, the desire & love to step right back into the swing of your healthy lifestyle habits!

Today, I want to share with you my top 3 tips & tricks to stay on track this holiday weekend & to NOT let yourself be so distracted with the control over what goes into your body that it puts a damper on the way you enjoy the next few days!

BTW, if you want some more tips & tricks about how to find balance on the holidays, check out this full blog post that I wrote last fall: My Tips & Tricks For Staying Healthy & On Track (But Also Enjoying & Finding Balance) During The Holidays!


They’re called the holidays for a reason! They’re a time for you to step out of your routine & comfort zone a little, to do different things & celebrate. Do your best to make decisions that are conducive to you feeling great, but also know that the extra glass or wine or two, the slice of your fave chocolate cake & or serving yourself seconds of brisket or turkey won’t kill you or take away from all your progress thus far.

Just like one workout won’t give you a six pack, one or two nights of indulging don’t take away from all your hard work. It’s all about balance.


No, you don’t necessarily have to stay on track with your regular workout routine, especially if it’s intense & time-demanding! Just get your body moving for at least 30 minutes a day, in the comfort of your own home or better yet, OUTSIDE! The weather is starting to warm up & there’s nothing more calming on the mind, soothing & refreshing than nature, fresh air & the smell of spring. Go for a walk after Easter lunch or late-night after your Passover Seder! It’ll help with your digestion & make you sleep well too!


The holidays are the BEST time (& for many, the only time) to see family & friends without having to sorry about school, work & deadlines. Take it all in, live the moment & don’t be so focused on every little thing going into your body. It’ll distract you & take away from you making memories easier those you love.

Put it this way, if you’ve been sticking to a routine so well that it has become your lifestyle, there’s no reason why you’ll have a hard time stepping right back into it after the holidays! Don’t be so hard on yourself! Be happy & enjoy – these are moments you won’t get back! Enjoying them doesn’t take away from your consistency!

HAPPY PASSOVER & EASTER! I love you all!!


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