Truth: Appearance Means Nothing If You Don’t Feel The Way You Look.

Truth: Appearance Means Nothing If You Don’t Feel The Way You Look.

Truth: Appearance means nothing if you don’t feel the way you look.

When I began to lose weight when I was pursuing what I termed my “wedding diet”, people started to notice. They complimented me, said I looked great & asked what I was doing to achieve the weight loss.

At first, I told them I was just making an effort to eat more plant-based, to cut out fried, packaged & processed foods & to limit how often I ate out. And all of that was true. In the beginning, I still felt like I had balance & I felt great & accomplished because I saw my hard work was paying off.

BUT THEN: As the weight loss became more noticeable & I began to cut & restrict my intake even more, the compliments kept flowing in. I know they were made innocently. Nobody knew I was suffering, only at that point, the disorder had taken over my mind.

The compliments were no longer flattering, but fuelling. Nobody knew it. I denied it. But truth be told, no matter how “great” or “thin” I looked, I sure didn’t feel that way. I felt deprived, starved, unhappy, restricted, uneasy, uncomfortable & I lacked self-esteem, confidence & inner peace.


I fell victim to short-term results. I saw results & I latched onto them thinking I’d be able to maintain them & sustain this “healthy” diet forever.

The thing with diets is that the results you see are never enough. You become addicted & you do everything to keep them coming & quicken the pace at which they do, even if it means sacrificing your health & well-being.

When you hit a plateau, you use it as justification to restrict even more & before you know it, you’re trapped in a vicious cycle, where it’s no longer about physical results, but about addiction & control.

I may have looked better, thiner, prettier according to some. But I was ADDICTED, OBSESSIVE & CONTROLLED. I looked one way & felt the complete & utter opposite.

Take it from me when I say that it wasn’t a life. I woke up everyday starving. I went to bed starving & got through my days jumping on & off scales & trickling up staircases so desperately that getting to the top felt like an accomplishment.

I don’t want that for ANY of you. Learn from my experience. Let go of the diet mentality. The lifestyle takes longer to attain but it’s HEALTHY & SUSTAINABLE.

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