The Most Natural Way To Relieve Bloating & Help Your Gut Health? Exercise!

The Most Natural Way To Relieve Bloating & Help Your Gut Health? Exercise!

I’m all for natural supplements to help with common issues, like bloating & indigestion. But did you know that exercise can actually help relieve those same issues? Yes, you have the power to reduce digestive issues with the force of JUST YOUR BODY. It doesn’t get more natural than that!

This might be too much info for some, but walking, jogging & other types of exercise help stimulate the passage of gas through the digestive tract as it moves food through the stomach more quickly. When the stomach empties faster, the result is that gas is able to move more quickly into the small intestine & cause less distress.

Physical activity also alters the composition of gut microbiome in a way that increases the production of short chain fatty acids, beneficial for health, known as “butyrate” (known to relieve inflammation & promote gut health).

When it comes to specific workouts, HIIT (high intensity interval training) reduces inflammation & stimulates muscles to release anti-inflammatory “myokines”, which increases insulin sensitivity, liberates fat from cells & stimulates fat burning. When your metabolism is functioning optimally, blood sugar levels are in check & your body is able to burn fat as efficiently as it should, this keeps digestive issues at bay.

As you guys most probably already now, because exercise releases endorphins & boosts mood, it’s also an effective stress reliever & beneficial for mental health & coping with symptoms of anxiety/depression. Stress & anxiety cause inflammation, which can lead to gut health issues, one of which is chronic abdominal bloating. If you’re effectively coping with & managing stress & keeping anxiety in check, you’re less at risk for gut health issues.

Exercise increases certain types of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which improve absorption of minerals & vitamins. If your body is able to absorb all the vitamins & minerals you’re getting from your food, digestion will be on track, the body will feel good & gut health issues will remain at bay. It’s a domino effect!

Gut health is central to overall health & a few hours of exercise a week contributes to keeping it in check & improving the digestive system, immunity & well-being!

That’s not to say that what goes into your body doesn’t matter – it’s important that exercise is combined with a diet rich in a balanced blend of plant-based foods, natural sweeteners, fruits & veggies, dairy & animal protein, healthy whole grains & limited amounts of processed, refined, packaged, GMO foods, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars & flours!

Who knew you could help yourself reverse certain gut health issues with just your bodily strength?!


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