Grain-Free Collagen Overnight “Oats” a.k.a. You Can Have Your “Oats” & Eat ‘Em Too!

Grain-Free Collagen Overnight “Oats” a.k.a. You Can Have Your “Oats” & Eat ‘Em Too!

Today’s breaky was GRAIN-FREE COLLAGEN OVERNIGHT “OATS”. No, they’re not actually oats, but they mimic the texture so much that you’d think they were! But they’re gluten free & paleo & possibly vegan!

DISCLAIMER: This is not me giving up on REAL overnight oats. I freaking love overnight oats. This is just me having fun with different ingredients & recipes, changing things up to keep things exciting & giving you guys tons of healthy eating alternatives!

They contain tons of healthy anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids, vitamins & minerals, fibre, iron, magnesium, vitamin E, plant based protein, collagen & antioxidants & get this… they’re low carb & the entire portion contains JUST 0.5g of natural sugar from the vanilla!

The key to that oat texture is a mix of hemp, chia, collagen, psyllium husks & almond milk! Overnight, the hemp & chia seeds & psyllium husks gel up with the almond milk to create the creamiest, silkiest & most delicious texture!

They make for a super satisfying breakfast & they’ll keep you full all morning, give you tons of energy & fuel you pre or post-workout!

Lastly, what’s great is you can customize them to your liking! You can swap the collagen for your fave protein powder, use maple syrup or honey to sweeten them & throw on your fave toppings! I topped them with banana, berries & organic unsweetened shredded coconut & OMG… I died & went to heaven!

Since the actual recipe contains almost no sugar, you can have more fun with your toppings & use any fruit of your choice, dried fruit, raw nuts or seeds, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, chocolate chunks or chocolate chips, granola… YOU GET IT, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

While oats obviously pack a hella ton of health benefits, so do all the ingredients in this babe of a breaky!

Hemp seeds are rich in plant-based protein & considered a “complete protein” because they provide all 9 essential amino acids (the ones our bodies cannot produce on their own & that must be obtained from nutrition), full of healthy fats, anti-inflammatory benefits & packed with vitamins & minerals for energy, cognitive & heart health!

Chia seeds are also full of omega fatty acids! They are a great add-in to thicken recipes without adding bulk! They’re also PACKED with fibre & a great way to sneak some ‘mo into your meals to promote easy digestion & gut health.

Collagen is the glue that holds our body together & by body, I mean joints, muscles, bones, tissue, membranes, cell walls & skin. It contains tons of essential & non-essential amino acids, protein & provides a lasting & sustained source of energy & fuel for your body & muscles. It’s great for pre workout fuel or post workout recovery, promotes digestive health & heals the gut by sealing & repairing tears in the intestinal lining & preventing leaky gut syndrome & it helps bring back the elasticity, plumpness & firmness in the skin, thereby fighting the signs of aging (To read more about the benefits of collagen, click here: Collagen Here, Collagen There, Collagen Everywhere: The Basics & Why You Should Add It To Your Daily Routine!

Almond milk is full of vitamin A & E, antioxidants, a great plant-based alternative to dairy milk, filled with healthy fats, low in sugar & carbs & absolutely delicious & creamy!

Coconut flour is yet another great way to add fibre to recipes & absorbs liquid very well, so it’s a great way to thicken recipes & make them creamy! It’s also low carb, low sugar & filled with tons of healthy fats!

Vanilla is a great way to naturally sweeten your breakfast dishes, without the added sugar. 1 whole tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract (NOT THE ARTIFICIAL KIND) contains just a measly 0.5g of sugar, compared to 1 tsp. of cane or coconut sugar, which contains up to 4-5g of sugar.

Ceylon cinnamon for anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as heart health & detoxification benefits!

Shredded coconut for healthy fatty acids, heart & cognitive health, balancing sugar levels & naturally sweet flavour!

Blueberries for vitamin C, antioxidants & natural sweetness!

Psyllium husks for fibre, digestion & a healthy gut!

Banana for fibre, potassium, electrolytes & a good boost of energy!


  • 2 tbsp. hemp hearts/seeds
  • 1/2 tbsp. coconut flour
  • 1 tbsp. psyllium husks
  • 2 tbsp. Collagen Peptides (or your fave protein powder)
  • 2/3 cup organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or any other plant-based milk of choice)
  • 1/2 tsp. Ceylon cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. pure organic vanilla extract
  • TOPPINGS: Blueberries, shredded organic unsweetened coconut & banana slices!


  • Add all ingredients (except chia seeds & toppings) to a bowl & stir until fully combined & incorporated.


  • Once combined, add in the chia seeds & stir again until combined with the rest of the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into a glass container or Mason jar, cover & place in the fridge overnight to thicken.
  • Remove from the fridge, add more milk (if you want to thin it out), stir & add your toppings.


  • ENJOY! 



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