KITK Recipe Round-Up: Passover-Friendly Snacks a.k.a. YES, You Can Still Eat Healthy (& Not Overdose On Matzah) On Passover!

KITK Recipe Round-Up: Passover-Friendly Snacks a.k.a. YES, You Can Still Eat Healthy (& Not Overdose On Matzah) On Passover!

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So many of you asked me about Passover recipes because let’s be honest, the healthy snacking lifestyle is definitely even MORE of a challenge on Passover because there are SO many common ingredients in healthy snacks that we need to cut out! I mean, it’s only eight days & it most certainly is NOT the end of the world, but still! Parting with my oats… it’s tough, baby, it’s tough!

I grew up eating matzah with whipped cream cheese EVERY TIME I needed a snack in between the big holiday meals & let’s just say that a snack like that isn’t really up my alley nowadays. And by “eating matzah”, I don’t just mean one piece… I mean like, I would take a peek into the box halfway through snacking & realize I had already eaten like 2 or 3! And then I wondered why I always felt so stuffed & bloated… NOW I KNOW!

Below I’m going to list some of my favourite snack recipes that I made last year for Passover & some other classic KITK recipes that just so happen to be Passover-friendly to give you guys some inspiration & encouragement that you don’t have to give up on your healthy eating lifestyle just because G-d let his people go!

Aside from making my own homemade snacks on Passover, some of the foods I like to stick to are veggies, fish, chicken, nuts/seeds, turkey, Greek yogurt & cottage cheese. I try my best to eat very minimal quantities of matzah simply because it REALLY bloats me & I don’t feel like spending eight days in the bathroom,  ya feel me? I rather spend it with family!

No, but seriously, contrary to whole & sprouted grains (which are a regular part of my diet), matzah is not very high in fiber, which means that not only will it keep you wanting more (& not satisfy or fill you up), but it’s also not great for promoting healthy digestion & keeping things moving & flowing, if you know what I mean. When I do eat matzah, I keep it whole wheat. I compensate for the lack of fiber with beans & nuts to keep my digestion on track! (If you don’t regularly consume beans, don’t overdo it with them either – start will smaller amounts to prevent any bloating!).

Another good way to load up on fibre & to compensate for not getting it through my grains is, as I mentioned earlier, loading up on fruits & veggies. And of course, as always, whether it’s Passover or not, stay hydrated & get moving (even if it’s not your regular workout schedule – just do something!). This keeps your tummy happy, your skin clear & everything flowing, keeps you energized, moving, prevents constipation & releases endorphins to keep you happy throughout the holiday! You don’t have to go to your 3 spin classes a week, 2 HITT classes & get in all your regular workouts if time doesn’t permit it, if you’re hosting or if you’re spending time with family, but try your best to get moving for at least 30 minutes a day, even if it’s just to go for a walk!

Now, without further ado, let’s get into some snack recommendations! THESE SNACKS ARE SO GOOD, THEY WILL MAKE YOU FORGET ABOUT MATZAH!!!!!

First things first, let me suggest some of the delicious sweet & savoury snack recipes that I created in honour of Passover or that just so happy to be Passover friendly:



Here are some delicious spreads / sauces / jams / nut butters / healthy Nutella you can make before Passover so you always have them on hand when you need a little snack:

It’s always great to have good salad dressings on hand too! By the way, I have a full blog post coming out soon all about how to make your own healthy homemade salad dressings (as opposed to buying them pre-packaged & bottled!) with tons of recommendations from my blog. In the interim, here are a few Passover-friendly ones:

You can also make your own homemade nut / vegan milks:

For more Passover friendly recipes, use my search bar on the homepage of the blog & search for keywords, such as: paleo, grain-free, flourless, raw, vegan, gluten-free! You can also have fun with it & try to swap out ingredients that aren’t Passover-friendly for Passover-friendly alternatives! Feel free to leave a comment down below or on any recipe post if you have questions about how you can substitute!

I wish you all wonderful holidays, whether it be Passover or Easter! Spend time with your family, enjoy all the delicious meals & food, eat with balance & moderation & remember that it’s okay to indulge, enjoy yourself & even fall off track sometimes! What matters is that you jump back into your routine once the holiday is over!

To read more about my tips & tricks for staying on track on the holidays, check out this post: My Tips & Tricks For Staying Healthy & On Track (But Also Enjoying & Finding Balance) During The Holidays!




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