The Importance Of The Gut-Brain Connection & Why Your Mental Well-Being Is Just As Important As Your Physical Health.

The Importance Of The Gut-Brain Connection & Why Your Mental Well-Being Is Just As Important As Your Physical Health.

The gut-brain connection isn’t just a myth or a saying. It’s real.

The gut is extremely sensitive to emotion & the brain & gastrointestinal system are intrinsically related. Feelings, such as: anger, stress, anxiety & sadness can trigger symptoms in the gut & fact of the matter is that so many gut issues can be traced back to letting these emotions take over our lives.

You can eliminate all the processed, refined & packaged foods, eat all the fermented gut-healing foods in the world, take the highest quality probiotics & exercise & still feel stomach upset, bloating, heartburn, cramps & overall discomfort. What’s more frustrating is not being able to understand why!

Take a step back & consider YOUR MENTAL HEALTH & the role stress & emotion may have on your life.

Negative emotions may affect movement & contractions of the GI tract, cause inflammation, lower immunity & reduce pain regulating signals. These are all common symptoms of GI issues, but they’re also manageable if & when you realize that your mental health is just as much of a priority as your physical health.

That’s the beauty of the HOLISTIC approach. It’s not ONLY about what you EAT, but also about how you FEEL.

The worst thing you can do is STRESS even more over when the issues are going to end. When I experienced severe bloating, pain, stomach upset & indigestion at the start of recovery, I stressed so much about it that I made it worse. It was only when I stopped stressing, continued to nourish my body & accepted that I had to go through it in order to come out stronger, that the symptoms finally started to go away. Now that I have my mental health in balance, my digestion has never been more on track.

I’m not saying to stop taking probiotics, to stop working out or to eat bags of chips & candy. Continue doing the right things for your body in terms of nutrition & supplementation but please, don’t underestimate the importance of your mental well-being. It can have more of an impact than you know!

Take care of your body, but also your brain! It needs all the fuel it can get & sometimes, that fuel means DOING YOU & prioritizing your mental health too.

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