Honouring Your Feelings: Your Pathway To Real Healing.

Honouring Your Feelings: Your Pathway To Real Healing.

“Healing isn’t about changing who you are. It’ about changing your relationship to who you are. A fundamental part of that is honouring how you feel”.


It speaks to me in so many ways because this year, I didn’t just heal from my eating disorder, I healed from years of self-neglect, years of of pushing unrealistic & even impossible standards on myself & doing everything in my power to meet them, even if it meant sacrificing my physical & mental health, years of internalizing my grief & repressing my emotions to avoid facing my reality & years of putting everything & everyone else before my needs to the point where I forgot what it felt like to KNOW my worth.

It’s been a hell of a ride, but over the course of the past year & a bit, I learned that if I truly wanted to find my way out of my illness & take control of my mind, I had to finally start LETTING myself feel & HONOURING my feelings, good or bad. In that way, letting myself feel became a fundamental part of my recovery.

When I was in the depths of my eating disorder, I was a brick wall with basically no emotion. The only thing that triggered any emotion was FOOD & my anxieties surrounding it.

I got anxious if I didn’t think I’d make it home to have dinner by 4:30PM.

I got sad if the numbers went up on the scale.

I got ironically excited when my doctor or therapist told me my situation was getting worse.

You get the point: The only thing that triggered any emotion whatsoever was FOOD.

But when I slowly began to heal my relationship with food, years of repressed emotion came to the surface: My sadness surrounding the loss of my mom & best friend, my heartbreak as I watched my marriage crumble & come to an end, my regret over the opportunities & events I missed out on because of ED.

When I finally let myself cry, grieve, break down, accept, heal, find closure & move on, my relationship with myself changed.

It was eye-opening: I realized I was worth more than the emotions I repressed for so many years & ironically, letting them finally come out, break me apart & tear me down, actually made me stronger.

The ability to feel is probably the most beautiful gift we’ve been given. Use it to your advantage.


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