Afternoon Snack Attack & My Tips For Buying & Drinking Kombucha!

Afternoon Snack Attack & My Tips For Buying & Drinking Kombucha!

Hey babes!


I think if you follow me on Instagram, by now you know that I’m a huge believer in afternoon snacking! For one, I’m a hungry gal, what can I say? But, I also think that when done in a healthy way, snacking can actually be a great way to curb cravings, keep hunger at bay in between meal times, prevent binging & ensure that your energy levels remain sustained throughout the day.

For more about healthy snacking, check out this post: Everything You Need (& Want) To Know About Healthy Snacking a.k.a. Why I Believe in Snacking If It’s Done Right (& Right Doesn’t Mean You Can Never Let Loose!)

Today’s afternoon snack is a classic KITK snack & something I find myself going back to quite often. The base is usually the same: gluten-free rice cakes, a homemade or store-bought spread made with clean ingredients & no added or refined sugars (I like nut butters, apple butter, homemade jams, homemade hummus/pesto) topped with some fruit & Ceylon cinnamon! I like to drink it with a matcha or almond milk latte & I usually throw in some adaptogen powders too, or 1/2 bottle of Kombucha.

Here’s an overview of today’s snack:

  • gluten-free brown rice cakes for fibre & protein (My fave brand is Lundberg Farms).
  • raw organic hazelnut butter: MY NEWFOUND OBSESSION, rich in unsaturated healthy fats, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins & vitamin E, great for muscle, skin, bone, joint & digestive health & provides antioxidants.
  • raspberries: antioxidants & vitamin C.
  • ceylon cinnamon: natural sweetness, heart health, immunity boost & fights inflammation.
  • 1/2 bottle GT’s Kombucha lemonade BOOCH: Kombucha is fermented black tea with a culture of yeast & healthy live bacteria (SCOBY). It contains some form of natural sugar, most commonly cane sugar. I like to drink it around 3-4PM for a little energy boost! It contains probiotics, beneficial for gut health, immunity, lowering cholesterol, promoting skin health & reducing stress. It also contains B vitamins & iron, which boost mental function & regulate metabolism & energy. Since it’s made with tea, it also contains a bit of caffeine.


  • BE WARY of sugar content. Most brands try to minimize the “vinegar-like” flavour by adding sweeteners, fruit juices & natural & artificial flavourings thereby, increasing sugar content & possibly causing digestive issues, like bloating (which Kombucha is actually supposed to help relieve!).  I like to keep sugar content to 3g per serving (usually approximately 240ml).
  • ALWAYS read your labels: It should contain water, cane sugar, tea & yeast. Nothing else.
  • Make sure it’s raw, live & unpasteurized. Pasteurization kills the live cultures, which defeats the purpose of drinking it.
    • PRO TIP: If the booch doesn’t list vitamin B, it might be a sign that it’s pasteurized with heat.
  • Glass bottles > plastic: When it’s fermented in plastic, the strength of the fermentation degrades the material causing particles to mix in.
  • If you’re new to the booch, take it slow! Don’t drink a full bottle the 1st time you try it. When you first start, you may experience bloating or digestive issues as the healthy bacteria lines your gut & begins to outnumber the bad bacteria & get rid of it. Be patient & believe in the BOOCH!


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