The Fine Line Between Wanting & Needing To Exercise.

The Fine Line Between Wanting & Needing To Exercise.

There’s a fine line between WANTING to work out & NEEDING to work out.

I’m sure you guys may have noticed that I don’t take many rest days & to some, it might look as though I push myself harder than I should.

Fact is, everyone’s different & I never want to portray the image that you have to work out as often as I do in order to see results. This is what works for me. If I train everyday, it’s because I feel able & excited do so & not because a force stronger than me pushes me beyond my limits. I do it because I WANT to & not because I NEED to.

If you’re working out because you feel compelled or forced to do so to compensate for the nourishment you’re providing your body, stop & reassess. Why do you feel that need & what can you do to fix your relationship with food & exercise so that you get to a place where you WANT to do it & not where you NEED to (& beat yourself up over it if you can’t or don’t do it)?

My eating disorder was never about overtraining or obsessing over exercising. It was always about my control over what went into my body, or rather, the control over what didn’t.

As weird as it sounds, exercise is actually one of the most positive things I gained from eating disorder recovery. Not only did recovery allow me to rebuild a body that was strong enough to get through a 1 or 2 hour workout, but it also allowed me to find therapy in working out.

So yes, if I work out everyday, it’s because I listen to my body & it tells me I can, but also because it provides me with a release & stability that keeps me on track with my recovery.

It serves as the best reminder for why I need to wake up everyday & choose recovery all over again, even when I don’t want to, even when I feel like I want my anorexia back. Because the trade off means I lose the ability to continue to do something I found passion, therapy, life, energy, release & happiness in.

My message to you is to do it what feels RIGHT FOR YOU, even if it isn’t the norm. Even if it isn’t what everyone else is doing. If it works for you, DO IT.


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