A Few Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results Even When You’re Doing Everything Right!

A Few Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results Even When You’re Doing Everything Right!

Hey babes!


Okay, so I think this is something or somewhere we’ve all found ourselves at some point in our lives! 

Eating clean? YES.

Working out? YES.

Feeling hungrier than usual? YES.

Doing all the right things but not seeing results? UNFORTUNATELY, YES.

Here are a few reasons WHY!!

It’s normal to feel hungrier when you start weight training. One of the main reasons is because the body needs more fuel to repair tears in muscle tissue caused by training. Training also revs metabolism because it doesn’t use oxygen to convert energy but uses carbs for fuel. Keep in mind that when you weight train, the body actually continues to burn calories post-workout as well, which means, it needs food to keep going throughout the day & not only pre or immediately post-workout.

Ask yourself this question & answer it seriously & honestly. Are you eating enough carbs, protein & healthy fats pre-workout? The body relies on carbs & glycogen stores in muscles for energy. Not only does it rely on those things during a workout, but your muscles continue to use it even post-workout, which means that you have a job to do: give your body the carbs it needs in order to function optimally pre, during & post workout! Also, without enough fats & protein,  the stomach empties more quickly & it opens the door to cravings.

Don’t mistake dehydration for hunger. When you feel weak or sluggish, it may be a sign of dehydration. Always drink a tall glass of water first to rehydrate & see how you feel.

Stay consistent & be patient! Sometimes, results take longer to see & remember: we’re all our own worst critic! You may not see your progress because it’s human nature to always be striving for better, more, stronger, more toned, etc. (whatever your goals may be). But, reality is, you’ve probably progressed more than you think or see!

Muscle weighs more than fat! If you’re weight training consistently, odds are you’re building muscle. Do your best to try to divert the focus from the number on the scale, weigh yourself less & stop obsessing. The scale tells you total body weight but not body fat %, muscle mass & excess water retention. All this has an impact on the number. When it doesn’t go down, I know… it’s demotivating & discouraging, even though it’s probably a result of muscle gain. You may actually end up gaining weight & looking more toned if you keep to your training schedule. DITCH THE SCALE. It doesn’t give you the overall picture of your health or body composition. It’s just a number & has the power to control you.

Are you putting oil & butter in your coffee? I’m not here to condone the ketogenic diet or bulletproof coffee. I understand the science behind it, but keep in mind, you’re adding oil & butter to your coffee. If you’re not getting the long-lasting fullness & energy from the coffee & it’s just adding extra calories to your day but you’re still starving, you might be better off with a full breakfast (BONUS: a good way to get in your carbs!). Keep in mind that it’s not because bulletproof coffee or intermittent fasting works for your brother, sister, best friend or gym partner that it will necessarily work for you & there’s nothing wrong if it doesn’t! Find what works for you & DO IT.

Eat small meals, often throughout the day (especially when you train) instead of letting hunger build up & risking overeating/binging.

Get enough sleep & manage your stress. Stress & sleep have an impact on your hormones & on the overall health of your gut. When you don’t get enough sleep & when your stress gets to a point where it takes over your life & isn’t being properly managed, appetite control hormones have a tendency to fall out of whack, cortisol levels spiral & trigger hunger & may even lead to water retention. These are all things that can be avoided if you find coping mechanisms for your stress, take probiotics daily, avoid processed, refined, packaged foods that contain refined sugars, flours, ingredients you can’t pronounce, preservatives, additives & partially hydrogenated/hydrogenated oils &  consciously make your sleep a priority!

These are just SOME of the reasons that may be putting a damper on or hindering the results you’re seeking from working out & eating healthy! There are TONS of other reasons & they largely depend on THE WHOLE PICTURE – your lifestyle, work/school life, relationships, friendships, distractions, hobbies, nutrition, health condition, genetics, biology, etc. You are the best judge of your body.

Stop & think about where you are right now. What lifestyle changes have you made? Have you made any at all? What does a day in your life look like? What can you do to change something every week in order to make it line up more with your goals? What do you think needs more work? What are you entirely happy with?



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