My Go-To Ways To Boost Energy In The Morning!

My Go-To Ways To Boost Energy In The Morning!

Hey babes!


One of the most common questions I get is how to boost energy levels in the morning. And rightfully so! It’s no doubt that we all want to wake up feeling energized or knowing that we have all the tools to boost our energy levels naturally when we hop out of bed.

It’s no secret that most mornings, I (thankfully & knock on wood!) feel like the energizer bunny & that’s because I’ve learned & developed certain lifestyle habits that work for me! Today, I want to share them with you guys!

But, I also want you guys to do your own research & try out different things based on your needs & based on what you see works or doesn’t work for you! All our lifestyles, bodies & brains are different & what works for me may or may not work for you, so it’s important that you take it upon yourself to assess how a new lifestyle habit is fitting into & improving into your life & whether you want it to be there to stay or not!

Without further ado, here’s what works for me!

  • I get out of bed when I wake up instead of letting myself fall back asleep (as tempting as it may be sometimes). When you fall back asleep, you actually run the risk of interrupting the hormone cycle, which makes it harder to get going once you wake up the 2nd time around.
  • I give myself time in the morning: Jumping out of bed when I’m about to be late for what I have planned leaves me feeling rushed, frantic & anxious & I don’t actually get to ease into my day. Before tackling my to-dos, I give myself time to breathe so I don’t get drained physically & mentally.
  • Lemon water: When negative-charged ions in lemon enter the digestive tract, it triggers a boost in energy. The scent of lemon also helps ease stress & boost mood. My glass of lemon water is the first thing that goes into my body every morning. For almost a year, I was doing just straight up lukewarm water, with fresh lemon & sea salt. But, a few months ago, I took my lemon water game up a notch & started adding chlorophyll & aloe vera juice to it & WOW am I ever glad I did!
  • Supplements: Many of my daily supplements naturally boost energy levels, physical endurance & stamina, cognitive function, focus, concentration, mood & relieve stress + anxiety, i.e. adaptogens (faves are: ashwagandha & maca), B-complex, co-enzyme Q10, L-glutamine, collagen, spirulina/chlorella.
  • Bee pollen: Bee pollen is made up of about 40% protein & 1/2 its protein is in the form of amino acids ready to be used directly by the body. It contains almost all the nutrients required by humans & is considered one of the world’s most nourishing foods. I like to use it on top of my Greek yogurt!
  • I try to get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep: This is a tough one, but I’m consciously working on improving it to give my body time to recharge! My FitBit is helping me become more mindful about my sleep cycle, but it’s something I haven’t quite nailed yet & I’m still working on.
  • Breaky: FOOD IS FUEL! My breaky always has a good balance of carbs, protein & fat, especially since I work out in the morning & sometimes even do a double workout. It’s impossible for me to get through two intense workouts with nothing in my system! I also find that when I eat a good, balanced & satisfying breakfast, I worry less about getting light-headed or feel faint & I’m better able to perform!
  • Electrolyte drops: Sometimes, I’ll add my ConcenTrace Electrolyte drops (by Trace Minerals) to my lemon water. Electrolytes generate “electricity” in our body & are necessary to maintain fluid balance, transmit nerve impulses, support heart & nervous system heath & contract muscles.
  • Coffee: A good ‘ol cup of joe never hurt nobody in the morning! I limit myself to 2 per day (most days, I aim for one!), MAXIMUM!
  • H2O: One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue. In fact, every single one of our organs need water to function (the majority of our body is made up of water!) & dehydration can cause the organs to slow down & to function less efficiently & less optimally, leaving you feeling sluggish, tired & irritated! DRINK UP!



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