This Too Shall Pass. It’s True a.k.a. Why What Seems Like The Worst Day, Week or Month Ever Always Passes.

This Too Shall Pass. It’s True a.k.a. Why What Seems Like The Worst Day, Week or Month Ever Always Passes.


 Every emotion we experience is temporary.

Every time we feel uncomfortable or afraid eventually ends.

Things that made us afraid or uncomfortable a month, week or day ago eventually become comfortable & possible.

Some feelings & experiences take longer to pass & cause more pain than others. But, truth is, it always passes. It always ends.

If you’re experiencing anything that hurts, if you’re having a hard time, struggling with life in general, going through something that you’re not quite sure how to put into words, I’m here for you.

Just remember, there was a day in your near or far past you thought would never end. A day you thought would suck all the life out of you & you’d never come out on the other side. But here you are, today, standing tall & living proof that you’ll ALWAYS survive & it’ll ALWAYS pass.

Recovery taught me that I’m stronger than my fears. I once thought I COULD NEVER eat a heaping tablespoon of nut butter straight out of the jar, an egg yolk, a bowl of oats, a piece of chicken breast or a handful of walnuts, because I was afraid those foods would make my body grow in ways ED wouldn’t approve of.

It taught me that I’m braver than I think & that those fearful emotions, the ones I got every time I nourished my body, THEY GO AWAY. In the moment, they’re the worst feelings in the world. I struggled so hard to fight them & pretend they weren’t there. I prayed for them to stop plaguing me & to get to a point where I felt NORMAL around food.

But reality is: Getting to that place of normalcy wasn’t going to happen overnight & I had to let myself FEEL all the temporary discomfort, fear & anger to find FOOD FREEDOM.

You can only truly overcome fear once you face it.

That’s what I did.

I committed to recovery & that meant accepting that I’d feel many different temporary emotions & situations that made me question my initial decision altogether.

But the one thing that always saved me, stopped me from caving & let me pull through is reminding myself that every temporary feeling was a necessary step in my journey & in recognizing just how strong & capable I was to fight ED.

There were slip-ups.

There still are.

But now I know the true meaning of “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

It always does.


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