HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all you beautiful, strong, empowering & inspiring warriors!

I am beyond grateful for all the amazing women I met on my journey towards recovery & pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Sharing my story & connecting with you really changed my perspective on life & taught me to be less judgmental, more sympathetic & allowed me find my true calling & passion: Helping you live your best possible life & become the best version of yourself in hopes that just a little bit of what I’ve been through will inspire you!

The biggest lesson I learned this year is that another woman’s success does not take away from mine, make me a failure or make my success any less worthy. By the same token, another woman’s failure doesn’t make me greater or more successful than she is.

Unfortunately, society begs to differ. We live in a society that teaches women to compete with one another, to always strive to be better, thinner, smarter, happier & more loved than another.

But what really is better, thinner, smarter, happier & more loved? Those things & feelings are SO SUBJECTIVE. You can’t put a label, quantity, price tag or number on them. They mean something different for everyone.
So, instead of striving to be or do better than something you can’t even define, TODAY & EVERYDAY, let’s acknowledge how fortunate we are to have one another & to be able to inspire each other.

Let’s be grateful that we have the opportunity to uplift & commend each other for accomplishments.

Let’s tell each other EVERYTHING we CAN do, as opposed to tearing each other down.

Let’s give each other strength & motivation to pursue our journeys & to overcome our struggles.

Let’s empower & support one another & build one another up.

Let’s help one another build confidence, self-esteem & comfort in our bodies.

And most importantly, let’s show each other a little POSITIVITY & LOVE <3.

You don’t have to be better than anyone or anything to be GOOD, VALUABLE OR WORTHY.

You just have to FEEL & DO your best.

You are enough.

I am enough.

And together, we are enough.


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