Sprouted Toast With Cottage Cheese, Greens, Dried Fig & Pine Nuts a.k.a. I’ll Toast To This!

Sprouted Toast With Cottage Cheese, Greens, Dried Fig & Pine Nuts a.k.a. I’ll Toast To This!

Hey babes!


Last night, I was finishing up my blog post all about how to eat for glowing skin! You can read it here: KITK’s Tips & Tricks To Eat For Glowy Skin a.k.a. Clear Skin From Within! Safe to say that this post was a long-time coming but I really wanted to go into detail about not only what foods could help BUT WHY they could help. Anyway, while I was writing, I got hungry (DUH… when am I not hungry?), but I also didn’t want to prepare something that would take forever because I had stuff to get done, ya know?

All this to say… I prepped something lazy! And guess what? Lazy dinners don’t have to be unhealthy, even if & when they take 2 minutes to prepare!(& they can still contain a good balance of all your macros & be super deliciously delicious!). 

Last night’s 2-minute dinner was LIT. BOMB. AMAZING. PERFECTION. & every other synonym in the book! All it is? A slice of Ezekiel sprouted sesame toast topped with organic cottage cheese, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, a dried organic unsweetened fig, some raw pine nuts, dried dill & black pepper!

  • Antioxidants… YA!
  • Healthy fats… YA!
  • Protein… YA!
  • Sprouted grains aka good carbs… YA!
  • Tons of flavour… YA!
  • Fibre for days… YA!
  • Natural sweetness… YA!
  • Satisfying & filling… YA!
  • Dairy & gluten? YAS. It’s all about that healthy balance!
  • HAPPY KITK?!? YES!!!!!

What’s cool about this toast creation is that it can actually also work as breaky or lunch! So basically, I’m here to give you a breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner situation idea! And, if you’re really hungry, you can even just have this as a side dish or snack! Ya dig?

PRO TIP: I like to leave my dried figs in the fridge so that they harden & firm up – it makes it easier to slice & I just find it enhances the taste & texture!

Lastly, if cottage cheese isn’t your jam, you can totally do this recipe with some organic Greek yogurt & you’ll still be getting an amazing dose of protein!


  • 1 slice of sprouted Ezekiel sesame toast
  • 1/3 cup organic cottage cheese OR Greek yogurt
  • 1-2 dried organic unsweetened figs, sliced
  • A handful of arugula
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • Dill & black pepper for drizzling


  • Toast your bread.
  • Top the toast with cottage cheese, arugula, sprouts, figs & season with dill & black pepper.
  • ENJOY! 🙂


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