Why Health Is Not So Much About The Weight You Lose, But More About The Life You Gain.

Why Health Is Not So Much About The Weight You Lose, But More About The Life You Gain.

Health is not so much about the weight you lose, but more about the life you gain.

Until one year ago, I believed that health was defined by having the motivation & the ability to lose weight. I measured my worth & how “healthy” I was (or so I thought), in numbers, pounds & weight.

Like most people, I had no idea how good my body was designed to feel because I didn’t let myself get to a place where I made my health more about how I felt & less about how I looked.

Sadly, it took reaching my ultimate low & suffering from an eating disorder that almost took my life for me to realize that I had to reduce the value I placed on numbers & increase the value I placed on feelings & experiences.

Truth be told, at my lowest weight, I felt my WORST, both physically & mentally.

I was so weak that getting dressed in the morning left me out of breath.

I had so little energy that whether or not I left my house to go to the store was a contemplation.

I was so depressed that I lost my love & desire for life.

I began to question just how worthwhile those numbers were when I realized that that’s all they were: NUMBERS.

The real problem was ME.

I placed so much importance on numbers that I lost sight of what life is all about: emotions, feelings, experiences, love & laughter.

I missed out on so many opportunities because I cared so deeply about the one thing that I almost let destroy me: A FREAKING NUMBER.

Think about it:

What’s that number worth if it makes you so sad that you hate yourself? If makes you hibernate & isolate yourself?

If it almost kills you?

If it keeps you from truly living & enjoying every minute of your life?

If it makes you deprive your body of nourishment?

If it makes you strive for a goal that’s so unrealistic it eats at your mind?

The answer is simpler than it is to put into practice, but truth be told, the number is worth nothing. It’s only worth the importance you give it.

When I stopped letting numbers define me & control my life, I opened my heart & mind to EXPERIENCE.

I learned so much about the connection between my body & mind.

I realized that for two years, I was a slave to something that robbed me of LIFE & that’s when I decided to let go of the number & to TAKE MY LIFE BACK & LIVE IT.


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