All-Natural DIY Spot Treatment!

All-Natural DIY Spot Treatment!

Hey babes!


Okay, so this one’s not a food post, but it’s one we’ll all need at some point, whether that break-out is hormonal, the result of stress &/or anxiety, poor nutrition or food choices, food allergies or sensitivities or if a skin condition you’re dealing with is genetic!

Guys, trust me, I know how frustrating & aggravating it can be to breakout & to not know what to use to help reduce or cure it. It’s always scary to know you’re taking the risk applying something directly to the affected area because you can never really know how you’ll react. Truth of the matter is that sometimes you just gotta take your chances & WHY NOT DO IT WITH SOMETHING ALL NATURAL?

But before you do, just like the food or fluids that go into your body, nothing is more important than understanding WHY! That’s what I’m here for! So before I share my little concoction for my DIY spot treatment, let me tell you why these four ingredients can help heal a breakout from the outside in!

All you’ll need to make this:

  • 4 simple ingredients.
  • 2 minutes of your time.
  • A breakout to heal!

So what’s in it?

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Our skin is naturally acidic. Harsh cleansers & soaps disrupt natural acidity levels & destroy the acid mantle of our skin, which protects & shields the skin from germs, bacteria & environmental pollutants. Apple cider alkalizes skin & maintains healthy pH levels. Due to potassium, magnesium, acetic acid & enzyme content, it kills bacteria, removes excess dirt, oil & dissolves dead skin cells.

BTW: Chronic acne can be the result of an accumulation of bacteria that spreads & grows on the surface of the skin, so it’s always best to use topical treatments that contain anti-bacterial properties to destroy that acne-causing bacteria.

BTW #2: Your apple cider vinegar should always be RAW, UNFILTERED, UNPROCESSED/UNREFINED ORGANIC & FROM THE MOTHER. If it’s not murky & cloudy at the bottom, you’re doing it wrong baby. The cloudiness of the liquid actually indicates that your ACV contains beneficial living properties that were fermented naturally & that are what make it so therapeutic. Real deal ACV should actually be brownish in colour & contain “the mother”. It should not be clear or perfect looking. If it is, it’s been refined. “The mother” is that cloudy murky structure that you’ll see at the bottom of your ACV jar & it’s referred to as that because of its life-giving properties. As the vinegar ages, the mother becomes more pronounced. On the other hand, the crystal clear ACV that you might see in some grocery stores has been refined, filtered & highly processed. All the “life” or “mother” has been sucked out of it in the pasteurization process & it does NOT contain the health-promoting benefits of traditional all-natural vinegars. I don’t know about you guys but I’ll take the uglier looking vinegar if I’m getting nutritional value, you?

RAW ORGANIC MANUKA HONEY: Manuka honey is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & antiseptic. It moisturizes & cleanses the skin, clears pores & skin congestion by oxygenating pores, draws out bacteria & reduces redness. It also promotes skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage & lessens scarring. Lastly, it hydrates the skin by absorbing & holding moisture from the air, which leads to a dewy & glowing complexion & inhibits MMP, enzymes that destroy collagen.

VITAMIN E OIL: Vitamin E is a natural fatty vitamin & antioxidant, which protects & repairs the skin by fighting free radicals. It reduces inflammation, dark spots & discolouration, seals cracks in the outer skin layer, repairs damaged skin barrier & improves the appearance of scars after acne wounds heal.

TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL: Tea tree is antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory. It reduces redness & irritation, kills acne-causing bacteria & unclogs pores. Due to its potency, if you have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t apply it directly to the affected area, but once it’s diluted with other soothing antioxidant & anti-inflammatory ingredients, you’re good to go!

If you guys want to read more about how you can heal hyper pigmentation, redness, dark spots &  less severe acne scars, check out my full blog post:


  • 2 tbsp. raw organic apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. raw organic manuka honey
  • 1/4 tsp. vitamin E oill
  • 10-15 drops tea tree essential oil



  • Combine the ingredients in a small glass. Mix until the honey is fully combined & dissolved with the rest of the ingredients.


  • Use daily on the affected area(s) & leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Apply a calming soothing moisturizer after use, such as: Egyptian Magic.

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