Exercise: My Therapy & Shoutout to the Trainer Who Changed It All For Me.

Exercise: My Therapy & Shoutout to the Trainer Who Changed It All For Me.

There’s no way for me to describe how much working out changed my life.

I can honestly say it’s the best therapy for coping with my anxiety.

  • It provides me with a release that I don’t get from anything else.
  • It taught me that my only limit is MYSELF & the only thing holding me back from getting stronger, mentally & physically, is MY MIND.
  • It made me more mentally strong, more aware of my body & its abilities & fostered in me a drive & determination to continue to work hard, not only to attain my goals in the gym, but in all aspects of my life.
  • It plays a huge role in the value I place on striving to life my healthiest & best life. If my body isn’t well-nourished & rested, I know I won’t feel able to perform as well so it encourages me to stay on track with my healthy eating, eat intuitively, listen to my body & make a conscious effort to get enough sleep & me-time to replenish my energy levels..

But now, I’m gonna get really corny here & shout out the trainer that made me fall in love with it even more, Mindie Salonin. She’s the most committed, hardworking, passionate & caring trainer I ever met. She makes working out a hobby, a passion, the obvious choice & never makes you feel like it’s a task that you’re counting down the minutes to end (although she does TORTURE us but we LOVE her anyway).
All this to say, exercising is one thing BUT WHO YOU DO IT WITH makes all the difference. When you find a group of people & a trainer, who genuinely care about you & your health, watch you progress & commend you & when those people become not only your friends but begin to feel like family, that’s what makes it even more amazing.

The people you work out with are people you’ll see everyday. They’ll notice changes in you, good or bad & they’ll be there to support you through them. You’ll motivate each other to keep chasing your goals, to hold yourselves accountable & to stay on track. CHOOSE THEM WISELY! You deserve to be surrounded by positivity.

CIELO FAM, I LOVE y’all & Mindie, thanks for always having our backs, you’re one of a kind!


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