Consistent Actions = Consistent Results = The Formula To Living Your Best Possible Life!

Consistent Actions = Consistent Results = The Formula To Living Your Best Possible Life!

Your efforts DAY IN & DAY OUT are where real transformation happens. It’s a simple formula (that I know, is not as simple to practice or put into play): Consistent actions bring consistent results.

The key to consistency? FIND & KNOW your purpose & LET GO of excuses. Think of what you want to accomplish, pursue it & prioritize it.

What you CHOOSE to prioritize is in YOUR HANDS.

Before I developed anorexia, I felt stuck. I felt stuck physically because I never felt GOOD. I was always bloated, never satisfied & I just didn’t feel healthy.

I felt stuck in my mind because I was a slave to the negative thoughts & emotions I internalized & repressed. No matter how hard I tried to block them, they were always there.

I always say that my ED was a blessing in disguise. Although it almost killed me, it weirdly also made me realize how fortunate I am to be alive & how I reached a point in my life where it was time to be THANKFUL for LIFE & to live it in the best way possible. Something I hadn’t done until then.

At school & work, I lived & breathed consistency. But when it came to my mental & physical health, consistency wasn’t part of my vocabulary. Oddly enough, it’s possible to be a person of two extremes. I invested all my time, motivation & drive to succeed in the tangible things: excellent grades, great internships, prestigious files & clients. BUT, I invested little to no time in THE PERSON who had all those tangible things.

My eating disorder was the pitfall & turning point in realizing that the grades, internships, files & clients meant absolutely NOTHING if I didn’t feel healthy mentally & physically.

That’s when I stopped making excuses for myself & stopped saying I’d start eating better & exercising tomorrow.

I stopped neglecting my mental health & sought therapy. I faced trauma & dealt with reality. I committed to changing my lifestyle.

I realized how important self-care is & let my true passion develop & I pursued it.

I realized that prestige meant nothing if I wasn’t truly happy & in love with what I woke up to do every morning.

I learned to value consistency & I PRACTICED it everyday.

That’s how I changed my life in just ONE YEAR.



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