Stop The “Comparison Syndrome”, Shift Your Mindset & Watch Your Life Change.

Stop The “Comparison Syndrome”, Shift Your Mindset & Watch Your Life Change.

Success in anything in life is not attained by comparing yourself to others.

Real & sustained success is attained by comparing yourself to YOU.

It’s easy to look at the person beside you & praise how much better off they are than you, whether it be because of a more prestigious profession, a happier relationship, a healthier lifestyle or a more fit physique.

It’s harder to look at that same person & praise that you’re BOTH worthy in your own way & to refrain from the temptation to compare or measure your worth to theirs.

BUT, in the past year, I learned that sometimes it pays off to do the harder things in life, the ones that challenge you & put you to the test, the ones that scare you & make you step out of your comfort zone. Those are the things that help pave the road towards success because they TEACH you something.

Take a second to think about how much happier you’d be if you found comfort not only in your successes, victories & accomplishments, but also in your failures, setbacks & challenges.

Reality is your success & failures will happen whether or not you compare them to somebody else’s because what’s meant to happen ALWAYS does anyway.

So why waste your time & energy on putting yourself down because of what someone else possesses or has accomplished? THE ANSWER: DON’T!


Look at today’s success & be proud of yourself for stepping it up & doing something good for yourself.

If today just so happened to be a little more challenging, don’t beat yourself up over it. Focus on how you can make tomorrow better for YOURSELF. DO IT FOR YOU & not to measure up to anything or anybody else.

When I made this shift & stopped doing things to impress others or to try to be as “good” or “successful” as them, I saw my life change.

I began living & doing things for ME.

I learned to LOVE myself despite my faults.

I realized that I couldn’t fully give of myself to anyone until I was confident in my own skin.

I strived for success to do good for MYSELF & I learned to see the beauty in every single one of us being different, mentally, emotionally, socially & physically.

The power of the mind is limitless.


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