Perception Can Make You or Break You a.k.a. How Mindwork Can Change Your Life.

Perception Can Make You or Break You a.k.a. How Mindwork Can Change Your Life.

One of the most valuable lessons eating disorder recovery has taught me is that my life isn’t determined by challenges or obstacles thrown my way, but rather by my attitude, how I choose to face them & the way my mind views them.

The power of perception is two-fold: just as easily as it can make you, it can break you. Every morning, we wake up with the greatest gift of life: the power to CHOOSE our perception.

You can choose to walk into work & have the most productive day, but you can also choose to walk in with no motivation, procrastinate & get nothing done.

You can choose to walk into your workout class thinking you’ll never be able to get through it or you can walk in thinking you’re strong & nothing will stand in the way of you crushing it.

You can walk into a first date thinking it’ll suck & never work out or you can walk in with no expectations but with an open mind & heart.

You can walk into a job interview thinking you’re not good enough for the position or you can walk in with your head high hoping to stand out & prove that you’re a valuable candidate.

You can view recovery from your mental illness or eating disorder as the most impossible thing in the world, but you can also view it as an opportunity to find your health & become the best version of yourself.

Point is, the way you choose to perceive a challenge or problem is in your hands. A problem or challenge is just that. A factual situation. It’s your attitude towards it that has the power to turn that situation into the solution that best fits YOUR life & what you want from it.

Whatever you desire, you can achieve using your mind power.

What you focus on, you attract.

I’m a huge advocate for mind work, which I define as the act of directing my thoughts towards a desired outcome.

When I focus on success, I attract it; when I focus on failure & put myself down, I attract it.

Recovery taught me that my thoughts are the primary force in my life. The trick is to learn to be aware of them, use them consciously & learn to cope with them if & when they are negative.

Thoughts have the power to awaken a whole new life of power & opportunity & that’s what they did for me.

Change your thoughts & watch your life change.


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