KITK’s Top Workout Motivation Tips (Bonus: They Have NOTHING To Do With Your Appearance!)

KITK’s Top Workout Motivation Tips (Bonus: They Have NOTHING To Do With Your Appearance!)

For me, working out is about a lot more than just the desire to obtain physical results. This is something that I stress almost on a daily basis & that I want you guys to take something from & understand because there is so much more to life than the superficial, than what’s on the surface & than what society has taught you about how you should or shouldn’t look.

Nowadays, too many people are in the gym to COMPENSATE for eating & to STRIVE to attain that perfect body they’ve been taught to believe actually exists (when really, it’s all just an illusion). Take a second to think about how wrong that is: people spend hours in the gym to compensate for the most important human daily need… FOOD & FUEL in order to look like something or someone that isn’t even REAL… It sounds crazy when I feed you (no pun intended) with a punchline like this, right?

But, it’s not so crazy after all… I’m sure you, a family member or a close friend can all say with complete & utter honesty that you’ve been motivated to hit the gym for one of the two reasons mentioned above. It’s normal, you’re human & you live in the same society that I do, a society that equates one’s worth with one’s physical appearance. Naturally, you have an innate desire to be WORTHY & so, you pursue the path to accomplishing that worth by putting pressure on yourself to improve your appearance (or so you think) until you reach a point where NOTHING IS EVER GOOD ENOUGH. And that’s when you enter danger zone. BUT HOLD UP. LET ME STOP YOU.

Today, I want to try to change your perspective a bit &  share with you some of my top workout motivation tips that have NOTHING to do with appearance.

🥊MENTAL CLARITY & RELEASE: It clears my mind of past & future worries or stress, trains me to focus on the here & now & allows me to shift my mentality away from any negative thoughts or emotions clouding my mind or weighing me down.

🥊ENDORPHINS: It doesn’t matter if I’m anxious, sad, angry or exhausted when I get to my workout; fact is, when I leave a workout, I’m a different person!

🥊CONTINUALLY CHALLENGING MYSELF TO DO & BE BETTER: In the past 7 months, I’ve continually surprised myself. I went from not being able to do a push-up to being able to do them for 45 seconds straight (& not on my knees) & from shaking like hell when holding a plank to perfecting my form & being able to hold it longer than I could’ve ever imagined. Everyday I train & every accomplishment I reach teaches me that my body is limitless.

🥊FEELING HEALTHY & EMPOWERED: Looking healthy is one thing but feeling healthy is the most amazing feeling in the world. It’s also so empowering to track my progress & to feel accomplished lifting something I couldn’t just a few weeks earlier.

🥊BOOSTING CONFIDENCE: Working out helps me build confidence not only in the gym, but in all aspects of my everyday life.

🥊THE ME-TIME: Exercise is one of my primary sources of self-care because it clears my mind, gives me a good sweat & shows me the value in taking care of myself before I tackle the rest of my day.

🥊MENTAL STRENGTH: When I hit a point in my workout where I feel like I can’t keep going, I force myself to push past it & there’s a huge shift in my mentality. It makes me question not only what I’m capable of in the gym but what else I’m capable of in other areas of my life, which gives me the drive & motivation to strive for success in my everyday life.

GETTING TO KNOW MYSELF: Working out has taught me so much about discipline, knowing my capabilities, limits & pushing them when I can & listening to my body.

THE POWER TO INSPIRE OTHERS: I want to lead by example & show you that small changes can add up to big changes over time. Everyone starts somewhere. Nobody starts out at their best. It’s an uphill climb.

THE PEOPLE I MET: If it wasn’t for the family I built at Cielo, it probably wouldn’t have been this easy to stay this motivated. My gym fam keeps me accountable, gives me a sense of belonging & makes working out fun.

THE SWEAT: Sweat means I’m working hard & working hard means I’m pushing myself & nothing makes me prouder!

CREATING MY BEST LIFE: Each day I dedicate time to working out contributes to overall improvements in my day to day life, boosts my mood, energy & mental stability & gives me momentum!

LIFESTYLE & HABIT: At first, it was hard to get up & go, now it feels weird NOT TO GO. Starting anything in life is the hardest part but watching it become a part of you is the best part. You can’t control how your body feels everyday: some days it’ll feel stronger & others more tired, but what you can control is the consistency, persistence & focus.


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