Morning Belly vs. Evening Belly a.k.a. Love Yourself & Yes, Even Your Belly Because You’re Human!

Morning Belly vs. Evening Belly a.k.a. Love Yourself & Yes, Even Your Belly Because You’re Human!

Two pictures. Two poses.

Same girl. Same body.

Different times.

The picture on the left was taken before the gym & before my first bite of food.

The one on the right was taken before my night time spin class, after a full day of eating & a belly full of food.

I look more bloated in the second one, right?

This is what I like to call MORNING BELLY VS. EVENING BELLY. If you’re human, odds are this happens to you too & guess what? IT’S NORMAL.

NEITHER ONE of the bodies in these pics is more beautiful or worthy than the other. My body bloats & my weight fluctuates throughout the day because I’m human & my body is constantly working to SUSTAIN me, to digest & to absorb all the nutrients from the nourishment I give it for fuel.

Take it from me: Just like one workout won’t change your body or give you a six pack, NOR WILL ONE, TWO OR THREE MEALS. Exercise, eating, drinking, hormones, stress & other lifestyle habits all have an impact on the way our bodily weight fluctuates throughout the day.

Don’t let all the toned & fit bodies on social media fool you: that same stomach will fluctuate, THE SAME WAY YOURS DOES.

You’re more than the way your stomach looks when you sit down, after a long day, post-delicious hearty meal, post-workout or after more glasses of wine than you can count.

The way your body bloats DOES. NOT. DEFINE. YOU. OR. DETERMINE. YOUR. WORTH.

Your worth is what you make it: It’s the moments during the day where you do good for yourself & others, the moments that warm your heart & make you feel good & yes, the moments where you show your body love, whether it be in the form of exercise, nourishment or doing nothing at all.

Truth is, your weight will fluctuate anyway. Your tummy won’t be flat at night. You might go to bed a little bloated. All that is a by-product of the way the human body was biologically created


You can’t change biology, but you CAN change your mindset.

Tonight, look in the mirror & LOVE YOURSELF & EVEN YOUR BELLY, even if it’s bloated & even if it doesn’t look like everything you see on social media because it’s a sign that you’re doing something right: NOURISHING YOUR BODY.


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