Are You On a Health Journey For The Right Reasons? a.k.a. Why The Best Version Of Yourself Is Not The Person Who Looks Thin But Feels Broken.

Are You On a Health Journey For The Right Reasons? a.k.a. Why The Best Version Of Yourself Is Not The Person Who Looks Thin But Feels Broken.

Are you on a health journey?

If so, what inspired you?

One thing that my journey towards anorexia recovery & a healthier lifestyle has taught me is that there’s a huge difference between being on a health journey to be thin & being on that same journey to feel good & to cultivate a permanent lifestyle.

My journey started with the desire to lose weight for my wedding (Yes, the token “wedding diet”). Initially, I thought I was on a health kick. I started by cutting out fried, processed & packaged foods, then I stopped going to restaurants. Slowly but surely, I cut out chicken, most carbs & eggs, then I stopped putting milk in my coffee & banned all my favourite foods & before I knew it, I was eating the same foods & quantities every single day & then… I stopped eating altogether.

It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to realize before it was too late. I guess you could say my “health kick” spiralled out of control.

To all you future brides & to anyone who is on a health journey to look a certain way, PLEASE ALLOW ME TO STOP YOU IN YOUR TRACKS & TO CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. There’s nothing wrong with having goals, wanting to improve your health & aiming for weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance if it’s done in a healthy way.

But, there IS something wrong with pushing yourself so hard to attain these goals that you stop listening to your body, honouring, loving & respecting it & giving it what it needs to sustain you.

You may not believe me now. You may not think it. You may not know it. But that mentality will ultimately lead to your demise. You will lose weight. You will think you feel good. You might even love the way you look. But your body won’t love you nor will it thank you & it’ll only be a matter of time before it lets you down the same way you did.

Trust me when I say: IT ISN’T WORTH IT. I look back at old photos sometimes & all I see is a girl I don’t recognize. I see the pain in my eyes & it breaks my heart.

Today, I hope to inspire you to shift your mindset.

If you’re on a health journey, FOLLOW THAT PATH BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL GOOD, to learn to treat your body with the love & care it deserves, to make it permanent, to educate yourself & to be aware of your bodily needs & most importantly, TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

The best version of yourself is not the version that ISN’T YOU. It’s not the version that’s starved, unhappy, deprived & sad. It’s not the version who wakes up in the morning dreading the day ahead. It’s not the person who looks thin but feels broken.

The best version of yourself is the person you will look at in those wedding photos in 5 or 10 years & RECOGNIZE. The person who knows what REAL HEALTH is, the person with love, strength, passion, fire & life in her eyes. Yes, that’s what being on a health journey for the RIGHT REASONS will do to you. It will make you happy. It will make you glow, look & feel strong & young & it will make you LOVE life so much you’ll appreciate every second of it.

If you feel you’re on a health journey for the wrong reasons, or if you feel stuck & like your journey is doing you more harm than good, please reach out to me. Let me help you help yourself.

That’s what I’m here for <3.


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