Balance & How I Found It: What Does It Mean To You?

Balance & How I Found It: What Does It Mean To You?

It took me 27 years to understand what balance meant but more importantly to achieve, maintain & apply it to my daily life.

Those of you who know me know that I was always a person of extremes, all or nothings, “all ins”.

This lack of balance transpired in all aspects of my life: food, relationships, work & school.

I was a chronic dieter & overeater. My life was a battle between eating an entire bag of chips, feeling horrible, beating myself up over it & the token: “I’ll start tomorrow” OR restricting & starving myself so much that it hurt. It was a vicious cycle, until my rock bottom: anorexia.

In relationships, I gave too much & forgave too easily. I failed to recognize that I truly had to love myself first before I could properly give of myself to others.

In school & work, I lived & breathed success, school books, more hours & days in the library & office than I can count & I lost all interest in a social life.

I felt stuck & unhappy, so I resorted to extremes. I hated them so much but as much as I did, I found a comfort in them that I didn’t get from anything else. Extremes were my sanity.

I was only able to successfully break free from them & get out of the cycle when I learned that the extremes were one of the leading causes of the development of my eating disorder.

When I started recovery, I wholeheartedly committed to learning to love & take care of myself & to value my health more than anything in the world. On my journey, I also realized that  in order to find happiness, I had to find BALANCE. It takes hard work, commitment, self-reflection & mental strength, but it’s doable.

You can eat what you want & not hate yourself.

You can be successful, work hard, but also find balance between working a full-time job, studying & having a social life.

You can eat normal servings of chips, without feeling like you need to exercise to compensate.

You can work out to feel good & not to be “thin”.

You can live a life where you wake up feeling happy, strong, confident, comfortable with who you are, excited for your day, not feeling stuck & knowing your purpose.

You can live a well-BALANCED life where you don’t turn to anyone or anything but yourself for comfort & peace of mind.



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