Fitness Tip: You Gotta LOVE What You Do!

Fitness Tip: You Gotta LOVE What You Do!

In the last seven months, I learned a thing or two about working out. I learned how to perfect my form, pace myself, listen to my body, do a variety of exercises to target all body parts, boost my endurance & maintain my cardiovascular health.

I also learned that getting into a routine & making exercise a part of your lifestyle & ultimately, a part of who you are, doesn’t come easy nor does it happen overnight. It takes drive, commitment, hard work & motivation.

But I also learned that there’s one way to make it easiER: FIND THE VARIETY OF THINGS YOU REALLY LOVE & ENJOY.

Like with anything in life, when you LOVE what you do, you’re more motivated to apply yourself, commit, do it consistently & not give it up. You have to make working out like brushing your teeth, doing a face mask or watching your fave TV show. Once you connect how it makes you feel, you learn to LOVE it.

I always talk about how I want to become a yoga person to help with my anxiety, work on posture, stretch & give myself a break day from the intense workouts I do all week. But reality is, I’m just not! There’s just something about the way a spin class, a HIIT workout, boxing or strength & resistance training makes me feel. That’s what makes it so easy for me to look forward to them & what enabled me to make fitness a part of who I am. I can’t even imagine what it’d feel like to wake up every morning dreading a workout.

I genuinely believe that a crucial part in making fitness a part of your life is to TRY a variety of things until you fall on a workout that makes you feel different than the rest. A workout that you leave feeling accomplished, happy, stronger, relieved & full of life, but most importantly, feeling like you WANT to do it again.

You don’t have to commit to a strict workout routine that you don’t love simply because it has worked or been effective for others. What makes a workout most effective isn’t how many calories you burn, how toned it makes you or how many pounds you lose, but rather the VALUE that it adds to your life.


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