KITK’s How To Make Exercise Convenient & Practical!

KITK’s How To Make Exercise Convenient & Practical!
As human beings, we are far MORE likely to be motivated to do something if it’s convenient & far LESS likely to do something if it’s inconvenient. This applies in all things in life from work, school, cooking, adopting a healthier lifestyle, taking on a new hobby or passion & exercise.
Moral of the story: MAKE EXERCISE CONVENIENT & PRACTICAL & you will succeed at making it so much of a habit that it will become part of your daily lifestyle.

What are some things you can do to step up your convenience game when it comes to working out?

1. Try to work out first thing in the morning before the hustle & bustle of your day sets in.
Your energy levels will be higher & it’ll also make you more likely to STICK WITH IT & commit to making it a lifestyle. It can be challenging to commit to a workout after a long, busy day when energy levels are lower & when all you want to do is head home & relax.

2. Choose a gym that’s close to home & where you feel a sense of belonging & love the people!

Let’s be honest, we’re all human & when something is out of the way, we find every excuse to skip it (traffic, being in a rush, a busy day ahead, etc.). When it’s convenient to get there & you feel a sense of family with the people you’re working out with, it’s a lot more convenient & motivating to get there.

3. Have a go-to gym bag that’s already semi-packed & ready to go in the morning.

Pack it with your deodorant, makeup wipes (my fave are the @tatcha blotting papers), waterbottle, hairbrush & scrunchies, lip balm, extra workout gear, lock, work clothes & your go-to granola bar in case you don’t have time to head home post-workout. Having less to prepare in the morning makes you more likely to get up & go.

4. Make sure you LOVE & enjoy the workouts & feel you are seeing results from them.

We’re more likely to deem a workout as “inconvenient” or to say we have no time for it if it’s not yielding anticipated results or if we don’t feel good after it. Be reasonable, set realistic goals & expectations & monitor your progress. You’re more likely to want to continue & stick to your routine if you are getting something out of it.

5. Prepare your breaky the night before (if possible) to save time in the morning.

Good breakfast ideas that you can prep the night before are: chia seed pudding, overnight oats or freezing all your smoothie ingredients in a ziploc, so that you have no excuse not to eat a proper meal before your workout & so that you end up giving your body the fuel that it needs to perform to your full potential & so that you feel good while exercising.

6. One-hour workout classes are a great way to get an effective & time-efficient workout.

If you’re on a tight schedule, instead of going into the gym yourself & doing free weights, machine exercise & cardio (& talking to every second person in between), commit to a gym where you can go to one hour workout classes. They’re timed, effective, worthwhile & a great way to get in a good sweat without distractions.

7. Always have a back up-plan.

If your gym gives you the opportunity to do so, book your classes online in advance & if you tend to have a busy schedule, overbook instead of under-booking. Keep your options openby reserving a spot in your fave morning class, but also having a late afternoon or night class that you enjoy as a back-up plan if life gets in the way. This helps keep you accountable & gives you something to look forward to at the end of your day (as opposed to ruling out a workout entirely). 


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