The Desire To Survive & Succeed a.k.a. The Keys To Your Motivation

The Desire To Survive & Succeed a.k.a. The Keys To Your Motivation

People always tell me they wish they had my motivation to eat healthy, meal prep, exercise regularly & commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Guess what? They do.

We are all born with the same innate human instincts: the desire to survive & the desire to succeed. These desires give us the motivation to want to do our best & be the best possible version of ourselves.

Case in point: I don’t have more motivation to survive or succeed than you do.

The issue does not lie in the fact that people lack the motivation to pursue innate human instincts, but rather, in the fact that they commonly give up that willpower by THINKING they don’t have any.

I can’t stress enough that the HUMAN MIND IS EVERYTHING. What you think, you become, radiate & pursue. If you believe that you can do something, you’ve made it halfway. If a voice inside you is telling you that you can’t do something, the only way to make it happen is to do it anyway. Overtime, the voice that once dominated your actions & stopped you from pursuing your dreams will be silenced.

In life, only you have the power to make the decision to live the life you always envisioned or imagined. Nobody can or will do it for you. You’re a product of your OWN choices & decisions & your destiny is to become the person you DECIDE to be.

There’s a million ways to define success & truth be told, it isn’t everything. BUT WANTING TO SUCCEED IS.

If you want to wake up bright & early tomorrow & kill a morning workout, stop wishing, DO IT.

If you want to commit to eating healthier & cutting out processed foods from your diet,  stop saying you’ll do it tomorrow. DO IT TODAY.

If you want to meal prep this weekend, stop saying you don’t have the time. MAKE THE TIME.

If you’re contemplating therapy to help you regain control of your mental clarity, but you’re afraid. STOP CONTEMPLATING, DITCH THE FEAR & REACH OUT.

If you feel stuck & unhappy in a relationship, but you tough it out because you’re comfortable, MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY & GET UNCOMFORTABLE.

Truth is, the only thing standing in the way of what you want & what you are is YOU. YOUR MIND. YOUR PERSPECTIVE. YOUR THOUGHTS.

Change your mind.

Switch your perspective.

Control your thoughts.

Take your life into YOUR hands.


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