Why You Should Stop Striving For Perfection & Instead, Strive To Be Your Best Self!

Why You Should Stop Striving For Perfection & Instead, Strive To Be Your Best Self!

What to do when you don’t feel your best?


Yes, truth is you can’t always change things or circumstances, but you can always change the way you look at them.

Part of getting to know yourself & developing mental clarity & stability is acknowledging that in life, certain things are beyond your control, no matter how hard you try & how bad you want to control them.

There’s a reason: Feeling in control 100% of the time can actually be self-destructive.

When that moment hits where you lose even just 1% or 2% of that control, it feels like your world comes crumbling down. You feel overwhelmed, distraught, weak, uneasy & uncomfortable. BUT THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF LIFE. That’s why sometimes it feels good not to have it all figured out.

Feeling uncertain, uncomfortable & uneasy is necessary to help you understand the reality of life:

Times get tough for everyone.

Getting through it doesn’t necessarily mean ALWAYS having control over the outcome or solution, but rather, believing that you’re tougher than whatever is thrown at you.

When you believe you’re good enough to create & live your best life & you’re strong enough to make it through any situation, no matter how hard & hopeless it seems, the way you look at things suddenly changes & your reality positively changes with it.

Positive thinking is powerful, alters your thought processes & changes the way you view a situation or obstacle in a split second.

Associate the situation with a loss of control & your positive outlook goes down the drain.

Accept that you’re human & that by nature, this implies that you can’t & won’t always be in control of circumstances & that you don’t need to be & your positive outlook shines through.

This year, I learned to see the true beauty in LETTING GO.

Letting go of the constant need for control helped my anxiety subside, opened my eyes, taught me to forgive myself, to embrace uncertainty, move forward & that perfection DOES NOT exist. It’s a concept, a fantasy that we are taught to strive for but that’s actually unattainable.

Strive not for control, not for perfection but JUST TO BE YOUR BEST SELF.

The rest follows.


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