Why Experiencing Discomfort Will Help You Expand Your Comfort Zones.

Why Experiencing Discomfort Will Help You Expand Your Comfort Zones.

Today, I encourage you to do something that makes you UNCOMFORTABLE.

Something that scares you.

Take a risk or chance that you’ve been dying to take but you feel so stuck that you haven’t been able to.

Take the leap of faith, even if you’re not sure it’s 100% right for you.

You’ll never know until you try.

Comfort is a double-edged sword. It provides a sense of relief, certainty, belonging & you feel as though it keeps you grounded.

But comfort also means you don’t face fears, expose yourself to new things, take chances or open your heart.

Sometimes, it means you settle just to get by, you play it safe & you stay exactly where you are.

I’m not saying comfort is always a bad thing, but if you want to get out of whatever rut you feel you’re in or you feel you need a change, comfort might be your answer & eye opener.

This year, I did quite a few things that made me feel uncomfortable.

I finally decided to recover from my eating disorder.

I saw a grief counsellor to cope come to terms with my mom’s passing (4 years later).

I started Kelly in the Kitch not knowing what would come of it.

I found passion in health, wellness & helping others live their best lives & started studying to become a holistic nutritionist.

I admitted that my marriage wasn’t working & I came out about my divorce.

These things felt uncomfortable & weird at first but in retrospect, every single one of them helped me become a better version of myself.

They taught me that it’s in doing the things you’re not so ready to do that you truly open the door to self-growth & achievement. I grew & got to know myself more this year than I have my entire life. I stepped out of my comfort zones, felt discomfort & in doing so, I expanded them.

Next time you’re afraid, BREATHE. It’s OKAY. It means you’re about to do something brave. But it means more than just bravery, it means you’re following your dreams, getting the most out of life, embracing the unknown, seeking change & excitement, saying no to insecurity & acting IN SPITE OF FEAR.

Feel the fear & overcome it.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Get confident with being uncertain.

Don’t give up because something is challenging.

You’re only confined to the walls you build yourself. BREAK THEM. 



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