You Are Exactly What You Make Of Yourself.

You Are Exactly What You Make Of Yourself.

You know yourself better than ANYONE in the world.

You know what you WANT from life.

You know what you NEED to do to achieve mental stability.

You know what you FEEL like in your skin when you wake up everyday.

You know what you want to CHANGE to feel better.

You know what makes you COMFORTABLE.

You know what makes you feel BEAUTIFUL.

You know what makes you UNIQUE.

You know that the generic advice being given to you may or may not be what’s RIGHT for you.

So let me ask you this: If you know all this, why do you let everything you see & hear influence you so much that it makes you lose sight of what’s RIGHT FOR YOU? Why do you let what you see & hear dictate your actions when you know you should act differently to best suit YOUR needs?

Let me tell you why. You do those things because that’s what society has TAUGHT you to do. You’re not crazy or wrong; it’s a learned behaviour that’s hard to break. You don’t just unlearn it.

We’ve been taught that in order to be the best version of ourselves, we must strive to be somebody that we’re not. Ironic, right? We’ve been taught that to be our best selves, we must be, do & behave LIKE SOMEBODY ELSE. But take a second & think about how wrong that is.

You don’t need to be anybody else. You just need to be YOURSELF.

You’re MORE than what others say you should be or do.

You’re MORE than the standards that are imposed upon you by social media, society & the commercial industry.

You’re more than the BS you are spoon-fed with.

Your strength isn’t determined by how well you follow, listen, bow down to & worship it but rather by how capable you are of weeding through it, not letting it get to you & taking from it only what will help YOU grow & make you feel like the best version of YOURSELF.


Be wise about what you feed your mind with.

The thoughts you fuel your mind with are directly reflected in your actions & the way you view yourself.

In a world that teaches you that success is measured by how much you can fit a standard or a mould, do the opposite.

Be your OWN standard.

Fit in your OWN mould & LIVE for YOU.





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