What Does Mental Health Mean To You?

What Does Mental Health Mean To You?

Today’s perception of health is somewhat flawed.

We’ve been taught to associate health with physical well-being, fitness & proper nutrition (& YES, those things play a huge role & part in it).

But this perception also makes us lose sight of the importance of mental health.

Mental health truly is what paves the road to physical health.

There is no clear-cut definition or criteria for a “healthy mind”. It can mean different things to different people. Your definition isn’t wrong & mine isn’t right. Your definition is YOURS & mine is MINE. The definition in & of itself doesn’t matter. What matters is that however you define it, you pursue it to achieve your optimal level of physical health & ENJOY life in that pursuit.

The mind, nervous system & immune system are all intertwined. Stressors begin in the mind & an unhealthy mind can lead to an inability to cope with these perceived or real threats, which triggers bodily responses that affect physical health more than anything.

When the mind is worried, feels under pressure & is unable to cope with & channel emotions properly, the body invests so much energy in repressing, internalizing & holding back the pain that it loses its ability to focus on normal vital bodily functions.

I didn’t have my health for 2 years & I had NOTHING. I was sad, depressed & deprived.

A strong mind & healthy brain is the most powerful tool in the quest towards physical health.


For me, mental health means:

  • fostering healthy & positive relationships
  • on the hard days, reflecting, talking to myself, doing mind work & putting things into perspective (I ask myself how truly bad my current situation is in the grand scheme of things or if I’m just reacting emotionally as I haven’t taken the time to analyze the situation)
  • waking up everyday with a positive mindset
  • eating foods & supplements rich in calming, stress-coping, soothing & brain-boosting vitamins, minerals & nutrients
  • letting myself feel & talking about my struggles
  • exercising daily to release endorphins, boost energy, disconnect from life, relieve frustration & preserve mental sanity
  • laughing & smiling at least once a day
  • reminding myself of one thing I LOVE about myself everyday
  • being grateful
  • commending myself for progress, big or small but also acknowledging setbacks, experiencing them & letting myself grow from them
  • practicing self-care
  • being in tune with my emotions & avoiding repressing them
  • reducing stress by getting enough sleep & relaxing when I feel overwhelmed
  • making lists to keep my life organized & keep me on track with the hustle & bustle of life
  • helping & being there for others
  • realizing that I am human, that not everyday will be great & that I’m not alone.


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