The Brain VS. Mind Question & Why You Don’t Need To Justify Your Struggle For It To Be Real.

The Brain VS. Mind Question & Why You Don’t Need To Justify Your Struggle For It To Be Real.

This past year, I am so grateful to have met so many different people on different journeys, some going through similar issues as I was & others who felt as though they could relate on some level, even if their struggles were different.

I noticed a pattern in some of the conversations I had: People often ask me if the way they feel, or the way cope with life’s challenges are normal.


You don’t have to fit a mould, norm, standard or criteria in order to justify your emotions, suffering, actions or the way you think is most effective FOR YOU to cope with your struggle.

You don’t need to justify your struggle for it to be real.

You simply need to acknowledge it’s there & do what works for you to fight it & come out of it a warrior.

Two people with the same eating disorder can act differently. Two people who suffer from anxiety can react differently to certain triggers. Two people who suffer from OCD or ADHD can have different rituals or ticks. One way of acting, reacting or behaving isn’t more worthy or valid than the other.

PEOPLE EXPRESS THINGS DIFFERENTLY. There are many different aspects & experiences that affect the way one feels & reacts, such as: brain chemistry, trauma, co-occurring disorders, coping mechanisms, distraction techniques, social life, relationships, biology, different disorders altogether, culture, personality traits & other behavioural factors.

We’re all born with a brain that’s physically designed the same way. But, there’s a huge difference between the brain & the mind.

Think of the brain as the tangible, visible receptacle for the mind, the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feeling, attitude & imagination. The brain is the physical organ most associated with mind & conscious thought, but the mind is not confined to the brain.

The intelligence of the mind permeates your ENTIRE body, not just your brain cells. All the processes that go on in your mind are determinant when it comes to how or why you developed a mental illness, how you react to it & how you cope with it.

Next time you think you’re crazy because you don’t relate to someone who is going through something similar to you, think again. You’re not crazy. You’re just different.

You may both have a human brain, but your minds may be worlds apart.

You don’t have to fit into their world.

You just have to find your place in YOURS.


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