You Are What You Eat (& Another Recipe For YET ANOTHER Smoothie!)

You Are What You Eat (& Another Recipe For YET ANOTHER Smoothie!)


Your decisions about foods you fuel your body with should be made with the knowledge of WHY you’re choosing them over others & their benefits for your body, overall health & wellness. Your decisions should be based on long-term health, wellness, strength & healing & NOT on weight loss, deprivation, starvation or changing appearance.

Here are some of the foods I put into smoothies almost daily & more importantly, WHY I DO.

SPINACH improves digestion, clears skin (due to its antioxidant properties), boosts cognitive function, balances blood pH, strengthens bones & contains iron, zinc, fibre, potassium, calcium & vitamin C, E, A + K.

KALE is anti-inflammatory, activates detoxifying enzymes in the liver, boosts metabolism & immunity, contains phytonutrients, vitamin A, C + K, calcium, magnesium, iron, protein & folic acid.

MIXED BERRIES contain antioxidants & vitamin C, boost digestive health, fight inflammation, boost memory & mood & lower cholesterol.

HEMP MILK is vegan, sugar & cholesterol free, contains essential fatty acids, is a complete source of protein, boosts immunity & brain health & promotes healthy skin, hair & nails.

VEGAN PROTEIN contains tons of amino acids & helps my body recover from workouts & provides my muscles with the tools they need to grow, & refuel.

COLLAGEN improves hair, skin & nail health, boosts energy, contains protein & amino acids, helps soothe joint & muscle pain, heals the gut & boosts immunity.

CHLORELLA detoxifies, contains chlorophyll, protein, iron & amino acids, boosts energy/metabolism/immunity & builds new cells.

MORINGA is rich in antioxidants, reduces blood sugar + inflammation, heals the gut, protects the liver & promotes healthy skin.

TART CHERRIES are a natural source of melatonin, improve sleep, help with muscle recovery, contain antioxidants & vitamin C & fight inflammation.

CEYLON CINNAMON is anti-microbial/anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, is healthier for the liver than cassia cinnamon (because it contains low levels of Coumarin), is a brain tonic, contains fibre, iron, calcium & helps with PMS.

Now, in what quantities did I put these ingredients in yesterday’s smoothie?



P.S. This smoothie will not be the prettiest in the books in terms of colour, BUT I am a firm believer in the fact that the ugliest smoothies are the most delicious (& healthiest!).




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  • WOW holy moley that looked phenomenal 😍. so grateful that through the recovery process i have learned that we as humans are worthy of enjoying food. now it is another step completely for me to make this and enjoy it, but i will make it my intention. 💙💙

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