Sometimes, we have to dive face first into everything we fear.

Sometimes, we must run head strong towards everything we’ve been running away from.

Sometimes, we have to let ourselves feel & experience the feelings we so desperately try to repress & avoid.

Sometimes, we have to experience the moment before we can find closure & move on from it.

Sometimes, we have to crush before we can rebuild.

Sometimes, we must fall before we can get back up.

I know, it’s not easy & it doesn’t seem fair.

But these experiences are what life’s all about.

Life has a way of testing us so that we can come to realize ON OUR OWN what genuinely matters & so that we can hold on to what’s worth fighting for.

Sometimes, we have to be pushed beyond our limits & thresholds to achieve clarity, to know what we truly want & what we’re willing to leave behind.

Your heart might break. You might lose your dream job or never get it at all. You or a family member might get ill. Your best friend might move away. A friendship might end. You might feel lost or confused in your career & seek out a new passion.

All these things might happen, they’re real & it’ll feel like your world is falling apart.

Sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but FIGHT LIKE HELL & REBUILD.

In the process of fighting & rebuilding, you must first BREAK DOWN.

You must let yourself feel the anxiety & stress & let the pain, heartbreak or confusion reach its peak.

Feeling gives you the fuel, desire & drive to WANT to rebuild.

When you do, you come out wiser, stronger, happier & true mental clarity is achieved.

The build-up HURTS LIKE HELL. The culmination of pain is gut-wrenching. The confusion eats away at you. The darkness & uncertainty of what tomorrow holds consume you.


The peak of all the pain, suffering & confusion is the answer.

Believe it or not, THE BREAKDOWN ITSELF is the solution. 

Breakdowns happen & trust me, you want them to. Breakdowns will open your eyes to a brighter & less teary tomorrow.

They will teach you to accept yourself as you are: a human being who has the beautiful ability to FEEL & before you know it, you’ll be able to say you know exactly where your heart needs to be.

So next time you break down or you feel like you’re about to, BREAK, FALL, CRUMBLE, CRY, FEEL, HURT. SUFFER. STRESS. Do it all. Experience it all. And then just wait & see how much MORE you want to BECOME WHOLE, GET BACK UP, REBUILD, LAUGH, FEEL JOY, RECOVER, REJOICE & LIVE.