Why I Love My Routine

Why I Love My Routine

It’s been almost a week since I’m back on track & back to my routine & I seriously cannot tell you guys how amazing it feels.

Having the opportunity to travel during the winter when temperatures are literally FREEZING, spending time with family, waking up to sunshine, the beach & the sound of the waves & with nothing to do but relax is definitely a luxury that I’m super grateful for & that helps me create a healthy balance in my life.

But, coming back home, still getting to spend time with family, all while waking up to colder temperatures (this part sucks), knowing I’ll be making my own healthy meals, heading to the gym & getting back on my regular workout routine, studying, working, blogging, segment-ing & doing what KITK does best is the best feeling in the world.

There’s something about going away & leaving bits and pieces of my routine behind that makes me feel like something is missing!

The beauty in routine is that when it becomes your lifestyle, you appreciate stepping back into it even more!

Everyday, I wake up feeling grateful that I chose 2017 as the year I would make the long-term commitment towards living a healthy lifestyle & I would seriously NEVER look back.

Yes, it’s hard work.

Yes, it takes effort.

Yes, sometimes, I make sacrifices.

No, it doesn’t happen overnight.

No, it’s not easy.

But YES, it makes me:

  • happier.
  • whole.
  • purposeful.
  • healthier.
  • glower.
  • stronger.
  • wiser.
  • more educated.
  • open-minded.
  • more adventurous.
  • & a better version of myself each & every day.

All those YES’ are worth every second of hard work that goes into it. 

If 2018 is the year you took on this same or a similar commitment, take it from me when I tell you IT’S WORTH IT. The beginning will be tough. For some, there’s a long road ahead. For others, maybe they’re halfway there.

Wherever you are, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. Nobody’s perfect. Life is a continuous journey through which we must motivate each other to do, strive & be better.

2018 can be YOUR year if you let it.


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