How I Care For My Brows a.k.a. Brows On Fleek!

How I Care For My Brows a.k.a. Brows On Fleek!

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I’ve been getting my brows done at Aqua Spa Lyne Giroux for YEARS & there’s only one woman I EVER let get close to them: KAMAL. She knows my brows like NO other & never disappoints! I ALWAYS leave there with my brows on fleek!

The trick to how I keep them relatively full & thick is that I try my best not to touch them in between appointments (I usually go every 2-3 weeks!). This gives her more to work with, makes shaping easier & also ensures that the hairs are evenly grown!

I used to be SO obsessed with plucking in between appointments to the point where I was OVER-PLUCKING. I always wanted them to look clean & trimmed, but after a few pep talks from Kamal about how I was plucking too hard & too soon (a.k.a. before the hairs even had a chance to fully come out), I learned from my mistakes & began to leave my brows entirely in her hands! And guess what? They’ve never been thicker, fuller & arched this perfectly!

If you guys are looking for a new brow artist, look no further. Seriously. She’s a sweetheart, perfectionist, amazing at what she does & gets it right every time!

PS. Kamal has seen me through it all. My worst & now, my best. Pre & post eating disorder. And recently, she’s told me that my skin has never been this strong (Yes, I was the girl who used to cry & stopped her every 30 secs to ask for Kleenex cause it hurt so much & my skin was beyond sensitive) & that my hair has never grown this quickly & been this thick.

I think I owe most of that to my NUTRITION: my diet is very rich in foods that boost collagen production, protein & amino acids (the building blocks of all protein, including keratin, which is the protein essential for hair growth & strength), healthy fats, B vitamins, zinc & vitamin C. AND Y’ALL HAVE FOR SURE HEARD THIS ONE: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

But I also think that in the same way taking Vital Proteins collagen daily has helped thicken, strengthen & accelerate growth for the hair on my head, it’s definitely had a similar effect on my brows!

If you guys want to know more about how you can boost your hair growth in general, your eyelashes & brows, check out my post onHow I Brought The Life Back To My Hair!

BTW, castor oil is also great for hair growth on the brows & eyelashes. Simply massaging your brows or lashes with it will help stimulate hair growth as the oil boosts blood circulation in the hair follicles. It also contains omega-9 essential fatty acids that are responsible for healthy hair overall. BONUS: It’s super hydrating & moisturizing too!

I hope this was helpful, loves! <3


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