New Year, More Fitness Goals

New Year, More Fitness Goals

With just two days left in 2017, let’s talk about FITNESS GOALS!

I started working out in July 2017, after getting approval from my eating disorder treatment team. I still felt weak strength-wise, but I was a lot stronger in my mind & I had a lot more energy. I trusted the professionals taking care of me & jumped into it with NO expectations.

I figured: WHY NOT? Maybe this will help me regain some of my physical strength as I continue to restore my weight. Back then, I had no idea that I would become as passionate about fitness as I am today nor that I would meet Mindie, my trainer who helps keep me grounded & won’t ever let me give up. I don’t know who or where I’d be without her.

Had I held back, put it off, procrastinated & opted not to take my chances, I wouldn’t be here today, more than halfway through my vacation, waking up bright & early every morning to get in my morning sweat sesh. But I am because this is what I LOVE. I live & breathe it; it makes me feel amazing, keeps me healthy & strong & pushes me to constantly strive to be the best version of myself.

That’s why for me, 2018 is all about taking RISKS.

I used to be so insecure that I was afraid of my own shadow, fearful of stepping out of comfort zones & uncomfortable with situations I was unfamiliar with or imperfect at regarding my performance.

But in 2017, I realized that the beauty in being alive & healthy is taking risks, being open-minded, opening my heart, being hopeful & excited about the future & these are things I’ll never let myself take for granted. I won’t undervalue them cause without recovery, passion, strength, mental stability & commitment are things I could only dream of attaining.

I’ve learned that without health, we really do have nothing. Finding passion in fitness allowed me to find my health & that’s not something I ever want to lose sight of again.

Whatever your 2017 looked like regarding fitness, whether you worked out more times than you can count or not at all, put it behind you & strive for a more fit 2018, whatever “fit” means for you!



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