The Top 12 KITK Blog Posts of 2017!

The Top 12 KITK Blog Posts of 2017!

Hey munchkins!


As the year slowly comes to an end, I figured it would be a fun idea to get a post up with a recap of the top 12 KITK blog posts of 2017 (P.S. KITK stands for Kelly In The Kitch). 

But before we get into it, just a little rant (I mean, when do I not rant?). I started my blog in March 2017 & I can’t even believe how much it’s grown & how much positive feedback I’ve gotten from you guys about my recipes, health tips & tricks, fitness motivation & the awareness I strive to raise about mental health & eating disorders. You guys are the reason I’m thriving today & more importantly, the reason I was able to make it this far into my recovery & overall journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I cannot thank you enough for your never-ending love, motivation & support, all of which I will be forever grateful for. You guys give me hope. You guys give me encouragement. You guys give me life!

2018 looks BRIGHT & HEALTHY and I have tons more recipes & health tips up my sleeve to share with you guys (Let’s be honest, I’ve got so much up my sleeve that it doesn’t even fit!). SO, GET EXCITED FOR TONS MORE CONTENT COMING YOUR WAY! (Please feel free to comment below with recipe or content ideas/requests/suggestions, as well as your feedback, constructive criticism or comments!).

Now, before we step into 2018, let’s recap YOUR TOP 12 KITK BLOG POSTS OF 2017; basically, what were the most viewed (used & abused) posts on the blog this year?!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

This was my FIRST EVER post on the blog & rightfully so! Y’all know about my H-core obsession with cookie dough, right? Well, you can imagine how “cloud-9” I was feeling when I put this recipe together & brought the concept of healthy cookie dough to life!

The main ingredients in these babes is oat flour & cashews & they’re sweetened with two of my go-to natural sweeteners (pure organic maple syrup & vanilla extract!). They’re DELICIOUS, super easy to make & a great snack idea or topping for your fave Greek yogurt, nice cream, sorbet or ice cream (if you wanna indulge a little bit!). You cannot go wrong with them, TRUST ME!



Vegan/Clean-Eating/Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Black-Bean Cookies a.k.a. The-Ultimate-Rich-&-Fudgy-Brownies-of-Cookies-Made-With-The-Most-Real-Ingredgients-Oh-&-Will-You-Marry-Me?

GUYS, I don’t even know where to start with these babies. Those of you who tried them might know what I’m talking about; those who haven’t, IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU, DO IT.

The secret ingredient in them (well, it’s not so secret, but ya know) is black beans! They contain NO FLOUR & are sweetened with ONLY natural & unrefined sweeteners! They’re so good that they will literally become a staple for you! And what’s great about them being a staple is that they’re so simple & easy to prepare that it’ll JUST BLOW YOUR MIND or KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF, or both!

OH & did I mention they are gluten-free, flourless, vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar-free & egg free?! Okay, well now you know!



Edit #129010321: What You’ve All Been Dying To Know & Why I’m Finally Opening Up About It.

Okay, so this one is definitely one of the most emotional blog posts on here but it’s also something that I’d been dying to open up about to you guys for SO LONG. I just couldn’t seem to find the words or the way in which I wanted to do it, until one night, I finally sat down & told myself that I was just going to do it & that was that.

Basically, if you guys are wondering why my marriage ended, how it all sorta happened (without too much detail, obviously) & why sometimes it’s necessary to grieve & get closure on your own in order to get over heartbreak, read this!

If you want more tips about how to heal a broken heart, read this too: How To Heal A Broken Heart a.k.a. My Top Google Search For Weeks #NoShame



A Letter to My Mom: All The Things I Wish I Could Have Told You

This one’s also an emotional one & is the by-product of something my grief counsellor had suggested I do in the process of grieving my mom’s passing. It was a super helpful exercise that helped me bring a lot of the emotions I was concealing to the surface & allowed me to face realities that I had been avoiding for years.

If you guys knew my mom, a lot of the things I mention in this post will speak to you & remind you of memories that you may also have shared with her.



Dear Mommy, I’m Missing You Today More Than Ever a.k.a. Time-Does-Not-Heal-All-Wounds-Rather-It’s-WHAT-YOU-DO-With-The-Time-That-Heals

This is another one all about my momma & one that I wrote on May 4, the day of the anniversary of her passing. If you have ever had to grieve the loss of someone special or close to you or if you’re currently going through that (& I pray that you aren’t), I feel like this post will be super relatable for you. Basically, after my mom passed away, I chose not to face it & not to grieve & instead I internalized it all. In this post, I go into detail about how finally facing my truths & realities, no matter how hard they were to cope with, allowed me to slowly but surely heal.



6 Lessons My Recovery Has Taught Me So Far

This post is another one of the first that went up on the blog & one of the first in which I also opened up about how my eating disorder recovery was going & progressing. I go into detail about some of the lessons that the beginning of my journey taught me, not only about recovery but about life in general, such as: facing situations & realities head on as opposed to hiding or running from them, letting go of pride, recognizing our own inner strength & learning to see the true worth & value in recovery. Basically, if you are recovering from an eating disorder, another mental illness or ANYTHING at all, whether it be heartbreak, illness, disease or trauma, this post will relate to you!



Banana Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies

OKAY guys, I just realized how much I miss & love these cookies & need to make them as soon as I get back from my trip!!! The main ingredients are bananas, raspberries (OBVS), oats & ground flaxseed for healthy fats! I literally have not made these in SO LONG & it’s time to bring them back into mah life! I need this deliciousness!!!

They’re a great way to use up some leftover raspberries (or other berries, if that’s what you’ve got!) & they’re gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free & contain no eggs, flour or refined sugar!



What it Truly Means to “Have No Choice”

This is another post all about eating disorder recovery that will give you some insight into what goes on in the mind of someone suffering. I feel like eating disorders are illnesses that are often undermined & whose severity is often underestimated simply because many believe that they are not as detrimental to one’s health given that they are mental illnesses. Are you suffering from an ED or in recovery & often get told “Why can’t you just eat?!”. Trust me, I feel you & I know how annoying it is to have to respond to that, especially when you feel like those around you don’t understand what you mean when you say that you can’t.

If you’re in recovery, this post will give you some reassurance that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And if you’re close to someone who is struggling or in recovery, this post will give you some insight into HOW BADLY ED victims truly want to regain their normalcy but that it’s so hard because everyday is a struggle & a constant war with their minds.



Where’s Kelly? (No Guys, This is not a Game of “Where’s Waldo?”)

If you are currently suffering from an ED, if you know or are close to someone who is or if you’re living with someone who is in recovery, I want you guys to read this. Please. Do it for yourselves, for your family members. close friends, for those that you love. This post will help you understand why eating disorder victims or victims early on in their journeys towards recovery have a hard time being a part of social situations.

I wrote this post in response to criticism that I was getting at the time about how I was ALWAYS a no-show, whether it came to family dinners, events, weddings, bar-mitzvahs, outings & any and all social gatherings. I felt like people were blindly criticizing, without really understanding the underlying reasons why I couldn’t bear the idea of showing up, even though I wanted to more than anything int he world.



How do I cope with my Eating Disorder Anxiety?

OKAY, this is a good one. I ALWAYS get asked how on earth I was able to cope with the triggers & anxieties that my eating disorder entailed. Unfortunately, most of the time, eating disorders come with a heck of a package: anxiety.

Throughout my life, I consistently found ways to rationalize with & simply accept situations that were most probably making me anxious subconsciously. As a result,y I ended up internalizing so many emotions, such as: anger, sadness, frustration & stress. But, when I finally took it upon myself to recover, I had to face all of the negative experiences that shaped my life & overcome the anxieties I unknowingly internalized & ergo, avoided.

This post is a summary of all the things that helped me cope, such as: allowing myself to be vulnerable with those I love, facing my emotions & letting myself FEEL, developing a balanced relationship with food, accepting myself for who I am & reading. These are some of the things that worked for me – they may or may not work for you, but what matters is that you find ways to cope with whatever is causing you pain & suffering. Nobody deserves to feel that way.



Anorexia is a Mental Illness. I swear. And, Oh, How I Wish I Didn’t Have to Convince You

This is another one that will help give you some insight into how severe eating disorders are & how they should never be undermined simply because they are “JUST” mental illnesses. It will also help you understand how hard it is for the victims to fix themselves because it really all begins & ends in the mind & you have no idea just how powerful the mind is and how much of a hold it can have over you.

There is a common misconception around the fact that people simply choose to have eating disorders to look a certain way, because they are vain & because their appearance is all they care about. But the truth is that eating disorder victims HATE the way they look & want nothing more in the world than to fix it. I hope this post helps you understand that so you can be there for & support the ones you love that may be going through something similar. And if you are going through an ED or recovery, please, again, KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’m with you. <3



Flourless Chocolate Cake a.k.a. The-Answer-To-All-Your-Chocolate-Prayers

THIS ONE IS A CLASSIC, GUYS! Again, the black beans DO NOT FAIL. They freaking excel beyond words. No joke. If you guys have never tried this cake, you want & need it in your life. Wow your guests with it. Make it for yourself. Make it in brownie form, muffin form or make yourself a perfectly round or loaf-shaped cake & DEVOUR IT GUILT-FREE.

Made with black beans, raw organic cacao powder, eggs, vegan butter & your fave natural sweetener (mine is coconut sugar, but you can use date sugar or organic cane sugar, if you prefer!), this cake is going to BLOW YOUR TASTEBUDS AWAY! You’d never ever be able to guess it was made with black beans (& THAT IT’S FLOURLESS!). Seriously, you have no idea how many people I fooled with it – they were STUNNED when I told them about the secret ingredient (But definitely weren’t complaining!). This cake is rich in clean, packed with healthy fats, protein, fibre & is gluten-free, refined sugar-free & possibly vegan if you sub the eggs for an egg substitute or a flax or chia egg!


Let’s hope it’s a good one!!!!!


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