Recovery Is About Evolution: You Are Not Alone.

Recovery Is About Evolution: You Are Not Alone.

I always remind you guys that the information that I put out on social media is a reflection of my OWN personal experience.

The community & trust that we built together means more than you know to me & I’m grateful for it everyday.

One thing I want you to remember is that we’re all human & it’s human nature to retreat & isolate ourselves when we’re suffering.

But, when it comes to recovering from & coming out of that suffering, there’s never ONE magic quick fix that works for everyone.

There’s no ONE right way to cure an eating disorder.

Eating disorders aren’t purely about food & just suddenly restarting to eat.

There is much more that lies beneath the surface.

To be effective, healing & therapy must be tailored & targeted at the underlying PERSONAL issues that contributed to the development of the illness in the first place.

For some, healing means professional outpatient or private therapy.

For others, it means inpatient therapy or hospitalization, being supported & surrounded by those they love, developing a relationship with a complete stranger who’s been through a similar issue or writing, reading & understanding what causes their illness in the first place.

Whatever therapy means to you, I want you to know:


Recovery, let alone life, is a WORK IN PROGRESS.

We’re all striving to gain our individual optimal state of health & wellness.

No matter what you THINK you see on social media, NOBODY IS (or FEELS) perfect.

Recovery is about evolution. It takes the realization that you lost your sense of control & once that realization is attained, it takes hard work, discipline & persistence.

If you’re hurting, PLEASE don’t be afraid to reach out & speak up.

Heartache & suffering is the worst thing to go through alone & YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

Tell your story. It’s worth more than you know.

Not only will talking about your pain help you heal, but it’ll help you to gain a sense of control over your own life as you grow stronger mentally & physically towards your BEST SELF.

It’ll also inspire & give hope to others that they can do the same. Your story is as valuable as you make it.

Looking back, I can’t tell you how much I wish I had someone to confide in, who understood me & what I was going through.

Today, I hope to be that someone for you.

And please know that you have the ability to be that someone for somebody else.


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