Vegan Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip (Ice Cream) Smoothie a.k.a. OhMyChocolateyGoodness (P.S. Baskin Robbins, Who?)

Vegan Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip (Ice Cream) Smoothie a.k.a. OhMyChocolateyGoodness (P.S. Baskin Robbins, Who?)



Okay, who else loves a good ‘ol cone or cup (whatever floats your boat babes!) of mint chocolate chip ice cream? I MEAN, the question should probably be reworded as: WHO DOESN’T?!

This smoothie is basically a healthy version (that tastes JUST AS DECADENT. I SWEAR!!!). It tastes like ice cream but it’s made with bananas, spinach & vegan fermented & sprouted chocolate protein instead (I used Sun Warrior!). It’s topped with organic raw cacao nibs & I threw in some matcha for an extra dose of health, antioxidants & vitamin C for an immunity boost on this cold winter day!

What makes this smoothie great is not only its deliciousness & the fact that it’ll bring back so many CHILDHOOD MEMORIES, but also, the fact that it’s:

  • Made with just a few simple ingredients!
  • Ready in under 5 minutes!
  • Clean, healthy, raw, gluten-free & vegan!
  • Tastes like a milkshake, LEGIT.
  • The perfect hint of minty deliciousness!
  • AND I MEAN… CHOCOLATE. Need I say more?

I know, you probably think I’m insane drinking a smoothie when there’s a snowstorm outside, BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT WHAT’S IN YOUR SMOOTHIE. This one screams:

  • holidays!
  • winter!
  • warmth!
  • coziness!
  • fireplace!
  • mint!
  • chocolate!
  • Netflix!
  • blankets!
  • vanilla!
  • minty!
  • decadent & INDULGENT!

NOW, THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: How on earth do I go about accomplishing something that tastes THIS GOOD, with such healthy ingredients? Let me explain!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 1/2 cup organic unsweetened almond milk (or coconut milk for thicker smoothie!);
  • 1/2 cup filtered water;
  • 1 scoop Sun Warrior vegan fermented & sprouted chocolate protein;
  • 1/4 banana (a frozen banana will make your smoothie thicker!);
  • 1/4 tsp. pure organic peppermint extract;
  • 1/4 tsp. pure organic vanilla extract;
  • 1/2 tbsp. organic matcha powder;
  • A heaping handful of fresh spinach;
  • A few ice cubes;
  • TOPPING: Raw organic cacao nibs.

And now, for that HOW-TO (It can’t get simpler, seriously):

  • Add all ingredients to your blender & blend until smooth & creamy!
    • For added thickness, add more banana or protein powder or swap almond milk for coconut milk!


  • Top with raw cacao nibs & DEVOUR! (A.K.A. GO TO ICE CREAM HEAVEN!!!!!!).



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