Bad Days: We All Have Them.

Bad Days: We All Have Them.

Hey boo!

YES, you. <3

Having a bad day? I feel you.

I have them too.

I’m the happiest & healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life but I STILL have bad days.

A few months ago, on those days, I resorted to anorexia. I sought comfort in her & I did exactly what she asked of me: starved, hibernated, moved & used my body more than it could take & weighed myself before every meal.

I found happiness in the “accomplishment” of those behaviours because I knew she approved of them; it made her happy & that made me feel worthy.

On the bad days, anorexia was my happiness. Anorexia fixed my bad days. Or so I thought.

Little did I know what she had in store for me: 2 years of bad days & a year of constant BATTLE, some good days, some bad days. But a year where I’d have to fight to repair all the damage I did to my body by enslaving myself to my illness.

That’s why, 10 MONTHS INTO RECOVERY, when the bad days haunt me, when I wake up feeling sad, lonely & questioning why I had to go through these struggles so young, I no longer seek comfort in anorexia. She no longer has that hold over me.

I seek comfort FROM MYSELF. I remind myself of my strength, my suffering, my barely beating heart & my complete & utter sadness. I pick myself up from my bed, the couch or the floor & I find the will to transform the bad day into a better one.

No, I will not lie; your bad days probably won’t become your best. They probably won’t even be good at all.

But what matters is that YOU MAKE THEM BETTER.

Only you have the power & control to do that because it’s all about YOUR MINDSET. Shift it & your day will change.

Please, my babes, always remember that:



Whatever is hurting you today, whatever you’re beating yourself up over today, LET GO. Remind yourself of something AMAZING you did today instead & find comfort in knowing that you must ALWAYS love yourself first.

Bad body image? I promise you, your worth isn’t measured in numbers, inches, calories or pounds, but rather in heartbeats, breaths, the goodness of your heart & soul/your positive outlook &  the strength of your mind.

TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY (& most certainly a better one).



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  • i love this. keep on keeping on. never stop fighting. for eventually, the number of days we spend in the light will outnumber the days we ever lived in the darkness. we can get there. i know it.

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