My Cry Out To You: Choose Wisely When It Comes To YOUR Body.

My Cry Out To You: Choose Wisely When It Comes To YOUR Body.

Why are we taught to base our happiness & self-worth on our appearance?

Why are there so many people on social media promoting restriction, deprivation, starvation & weight loss tactics?

Why aren’t there more people promoting balance, moderation, enjoyment, nourishment & healthy weight maintenance?

Why is weight loss the ultimate challenge?

Why do we, as a society, feed off unhealthy promotion & label certain food groups as “off limits” & others as “free for all’s”?

Why do we feel it’s appropriate & okay to punish our bodies?

The answer to these questions is sadly unknown.

We do & feel these things, but we don’t know why.

Yet we do them anyway.

What if you changed your perspective?

If you knew that depriving yourself of being with the one you love would cause you pain & heartbreak, would you still do it? Probably not.

If you had the ability to know that leaving your longstanding job to look for something more challenging would be your biggest regret, would you leave anyway? Certainly not.

If you knew that you were working hard to pursue a degree in something you’d hate & never find passion in, would you stay? Doubt it.


Why do you let yourself feed off people sending the wrong message about body image & love, self-worth & nutrition?

Maybe you let yourself do this because it’s beyond your control. Trust me, I understand where you’re coming from. I too lost control over my mind & succumbed to my demons.

But this is my cry out to you if you still have control over the decisions about your body & nutrition, over the people whose advice & information you take & trust & the way you treat your body, please choose wisely.

Your body, just like your heart, job & degree deserves more than anything in the world, to be cared for, appreciated, nourished, to feel valued & cherished. Your decisions regarding it & the worth you place on it shouldn’t be based on the first thing you hear, the way you look in a sports bra or the way your body moves/jiggles when you sit.

Caring for your body shouldn’t be a yes or no decision.

It should be a given. 




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