Yes. You Deserve The You-Time!

Yes. You Deserve The You-Time!

Today (& everyday), I challenge you to take take 10 minutes for yourself. No one else.

Disconnect. Turn off your phone. Do your favourite face mask.

Take a bath. Get your hair done. Read a book.

Go for a walk. Exercise. Sit & reflect.

Watch your fave TV show. Think about your goals. Jot them down.

Call a friend. Make yourself a latte & read the news.

Do a yoga class. Lie in bed & do nothing!

Self-care is one of the most necessary components of:

  • living a healthy life;
  • developing a healthy relationship with yourself, your mind & body;
  • connecting with your inner being;
  • finding ways to cope with all the stres the hustle & bustle of everyday life entails.

Ten minutes seems like nothing, right?

But this is something I struggle with SO MUCH, which is why today’s challenge really resonates with me on a personal level. It’s something I promised myself to work harder on this December & as I step into the new year. Read about my December intentions here: Hello December: My December Intentions.

Taking some time to focus on YOU every single day can really change your entire perspective and approach to how you choose to tackle your day & allow you to refocus.

Trust me when I say that self-care isn’t selfish. It’s the key to you becoming the happiest & best version of yourself & in turn, being that happy & best version of you when you’re around others.

Practice self-care & you will radiate positivity.

I come from a place where I lived & breathed self-neglect. Where I subconsciously always found reasons to put everything & anything before myself.

When I changed that, my life changed. For the better.

Yesterday on my self-care menu was: a healthy, hearty breakfast made with Vital Proteins matcha collagen, a warm & frothy almond milk latte, 2 killer morning workouts, a day spent blogging & chilling by my fireplace & later at night, exfoliating, a face mask & an epsom salt bath!

What does your self-care look like today?

Share it with me in the comments below!!! <3

P.S. To read more about why I value self-care so much, check out my posts all about it:



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