When You Find Your True Passion & Calling, You Just Know It.

When You Find Your True Passion & Calling, You Just Know It.

How do I know health, wellness & helping others live their best lives is my passion?

Because I wake up everyday & it’s the first thing on my mind.

Because knowing I made an impact on somebody else’s life, whether physical, emotional or mental, warms my heart & reminds me every single time why I do what I do.

Because I lived through & know the meaning of literally seeing my life flash before my eyes & I’ll do anything in the world to help even just one person not have to go through that. 

Because I wake up everyday with a desire to learn more, share more and do more for myself & for others.

Because nothing makes my eyes light up or my voice raise a million notches more than answering a health/fitness/cooking or mental-health question.

Because finding my true passion helped me break down all the walls I put up over the course of the past few years & to see the value in facing reality. 

Because living & breathing this passion makes me feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life & allowed me to find myself & grow into the woman I was always meant to become.

Because I no longer live & breathe a compensation mentality; I don’t exercise to burn calories, lose weight, punish myself or make up for days where I eat more than others. I work out to build confidence, practice self-love & self-care, to reach my potential & know my strength. I work out because I love myself & to feel good, not to beat myself up for behaviours I regret.

Because this passion helped me rekindle my desire for life and is what literally GAVE ME LIFE.

Because although I invested so much time & energy in building a legal career & literally lived & breathe the law for years, I’ve also opened my mind to the idea that discovering new passions doesn’t make me any less worthy or intelligent. It means that I Iet myself to grow & that I not only opened my mind but my heart to what I was genuinely always meant to do.

Because this passion allowed me to form a beautiful community of strong, wise, motivated, positive & kind people, who I am SO GRATEFUL for. 

Because now I know the truth behind my health being my wealth. ❤️



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