Willpower & Diet Culture: A Slippery Slope.

Willpower & Diet Culture: A Slippery Slope.

There is no such thing as having too much willpower.

The problem with willpower ensues when it is invested in the wrong things.

Willpower is what gives us the fuel & drive to pursue goals, to work hard, to fight & to stand up for what we believe in, to speak our minds, and essentially, to live.

But when our goals are unrealistic and potentially harmful & detrimental to our health, when we work so hard to attain them that we destroy our bodies, when what we believe in is actually what society has wrongly taught us to strive for or when what we think we believe is what a stronger fictive being controlling us believes, when someone or something else is speaking for us, when we are living for or to satisfy something or someone else, that’s when willpower has the potential to become dangerous.

Be conscious of your willpower. Know it, cherish it & take pride in the amount of it you have but also, be strong enough to know when you’re using it in the wrong way.

When what you’re channeling it into has the potential to crush you more than it does to better you, be mindful, put things into perspective & stop yourself in your tracks.

We always say how much we admire people for the amount of willpower they have to diet, but in admiring this diet culture, we further promote the idea that it’s a life. It isn’t. Obsession, deprivation, restriction & limitation are NOT what life is all about. Life is about moderation, flexibility, balance, indulgence & enjoyment.

You can have all the willpower in the world but if you’re using it to your detriment, is it even really fair to call it willpower anymore?

Would you willingly engage in something if you knew it would deprive or hurt you?

I see so many young girls giving into the false idea that diet culture is a way of life because this is the message that’s being spread.

It pains me to see this as I once also fell into that trap.

That belief destroyed me. What started as a diet turned into my demise, an illness that almost took my life away.

It’s innocent until it takes over your life & then, it’s too late.

Use that willpower to adopt a healthy, balanced lifestyle where you don’t feel enslaved or guilty if you indulge.

Life is too short to feel deprived everyday.


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