Hi lovies!

AFTER TWO MORNING WORKOUTS, let me tell y’all, I needed this smoothie!!!!

Today’s post-workout shake is:

  • full of greens!
  • great for digestion & full of fibre!
  • anti-inflammatory!
  • promotes strong bones & joint heath!
  • great for a healthy immune system!
  • jam-packed with vitamin C & antioxidants!
  • full of plant-based protein (brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet, pumpkin seeds)!
  • PACKED WITH IRON (from the protein & the greens!)
  • helps promote healthy weight maintenance!
  • packed with vitamin A!
  • anti-aging! (& great for your clear, radiant & bright skin!)
  • strengthens bones!

What’s in it? Let me tell yaaaaa!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 1/2 cup of organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk;
  • 1/2 cup of water;
  • 1 scoop of Iron Vegan vanilla vegan sprouted protein;
  • A few chunks of frozen pineapple;
  • 1/2 cup of frozen organic blueberries;
  • A heaping handful of spinach;
  • 1 tbsp. cold-pressed organic açai powder;
  • TOPPINGS: One Degree Organics sprouted oat cacao quinoa granola & more frozen blueberries for topping!

Now, for that HOW-TO?

  • Add all the ingredients to your blender & blend until smooth, creamy & thick AF!
    • Add more almond milk or water to thin it out if you find it too thick!
  • Top with the granola (or granola of your choice) & frozen bluebs!