My Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Bowl Of Overnight Oats!

My Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Bowl Of Overnight Oats!

No idea what to have for breaky tomorrow?


Here are my tips & tricks for how I like to prep & devour mine!

  •  I like to eat mine cold, but you can heat them up if that’s your jam!
  • I top them with more fresh berries in the morning for some added crunch + extra Ceylon cinnamon for natural sweetness (cacao powder, cacao nibs, granola, cinnamon, nuts, seeds & coconut flakes are great toppings too!).
  • You can prep them in the morning, but they won’t be as creamy & thick as they will be if they sit in the fridge overnight! The goal is for the almond milk (or whatever milk used) to get absorbed by the oats, which is what gives it a perfect creamy texture! If you prep in the morning, reduce your quantity of milk & add more if needed (to prevent the oats from getting watery!).
  • I add grass-fed Greek yogurt to my oats because I find it makes them even creamier, more delish & gives an extra dose of protein to my morning fuel! For vegan option, you can sub with coconut yogurt or another dairy-free one!
  • Instead of sweetening with maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar, I use Ceylon cinnamon & pure organic vanilla. 1 tsp. of vanilla only has 0.53g of sugar, while 1 tsp. of honey has 5.6g, maple syrup has 4g & coconut sugar has 4g (all these are great natural sweeteners but I prefer to cut sugar content whenever possible, plus, who doesn’t LOVE vanilla?!).
  • For an extra dose of health benefits or protein, you can also add a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen peptides or vegan protein powder (my favourite is by Iron Vegan) (Especially pre or post workout!).
  • A breaky like this is great for pre or post workout fuel because it has healthy fats, good carbs to replenish the glycogen stores in muscles & tons of protein, to energize, repair muscle tissue & provide amino acids for muscle growth.

Safe to say a breakfast like this never disappoints.

Here are the oats recipes you can find on my blog!


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