Healing is an ongoing, intentional, every-single-day commitment.

Over the past five years, I’ve had to face a series of difficult events: the passing of my mom, my best friend in the entire world, a very severe eating disorder that also led to the development of anxiety & nearly took my life & a divorce.

Quite the trio, right?

Am I healed? Right now, yes.

Is there room for more healing? Always.

The thing about healing is that there’s no finish line.

Nobody is going to hand you a trophy or medal when you reach your ultimate state of inner contentment, happiness & wholeness.

But the beauty in healing is that you don’t need a trophy or medal to symbolize or represent your state of being, a “win” or “success”. The healing speaks for itself.

You live & breathe it. You are your healing.

Whether that healing is from illness, injury, heartbreak or loss, healing is when you reach a point in your life where you don’t need external validation or approval to know you’ve made it.

Real genuine healing has no finish line. What makes it so beautiful is the confidence in knowing you’ve already made it but also in knowing that there’s always room to make it even more.

When you’re truly healed, you wake up every day & you don’t search for the light. You are the light. You shine & radiate your healing. You share it with the world.

There’s also a difference between physical & mental healing. Physical healing doesn’t automatically mean mental healing has been attained. Both are difficult to attain, but mental healing involves altering your thought processes.

Without mental healing, the physical one is impossible. You can’t expect to alter your appearance if you haven’t accepted the idea & changed your perspective. You can’t expect to piece together your broken heart if you don’t come to terms with the loss.

Healing is hard. It’s recognizing that there’s a wound, the damage existed, but that it no longer controls your life.

That all things broken can be mended & healed. Your body, mind, heart, soul & physical wounds.

It’s knowing that happiness always has a way of finding its way back to you.


You’re on your way.


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